Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Kiddo Talks: Tak Baca Buku Pun Boleh Dapat A

Almost a week I didn't update my blog. No mood, not feeling well, been very busy with myself and resting most of the time. Hehe.. So here I am on Wednesday on Malaysia PH working *sigh*. Took a minute break. Don't want to get stress with work.

Kiddo's final exam results are out. As I know he didn't study much and we didn't expect much from him as well. Alah, baru darjah satu (ayat biasa ibu bapa) exam will be easy one. Before that Mr. Fruitheart had encourage him for presenting us A's for his exam. The deal? If he gets 80, it is equal to one toy. If he gets 90 he will have two toys. He if gets 100, he will get three toys. Me? I stay out of it. Haha. That's father and son deal.

So, yesterday he brought back all his exam papers. 5A's and 1B. Two 90's, three 80's and one 79. And the deal is still on. Daddy have to buy him toys. Haha.. Budget anak tak score lah tu ya daddy? He proved to us that he can do well in exam.

Mr. Fruitheart: English dapat 95. (selak kertas nak cari salah kat mana). Syahmie salah eja balloon dengan plate.
Kiddo: Syamie.. Syamie tahu eja balloon dengan plate. Tapi Syamie tak fokus, Syamie letak p kat balloon, b kat plate.
Mr. Fruitheart: Tengok perempuan la tu masa jawab exam eh?

Bertuah sungguh si daddy.

Me: Fuyooo.. Maths dapat 92. First time ni.
Kiddo: Syamie dah ingat dah nak jawab macam mana.

I do remember the day we asked him about his exam he said... soalan senang je mama. Syamie boleh jawab, tapi Syamie tak pasti betul ke salah. -_-

Mr. Fruitheart: Ini mesti mama suke. Bahasa Arab 87.
Me: Fuyooo.. dahsyat la anak mama dapat A.
Kiddo: Syamie tahu dah nak jawab apa.

Nasib baik lah Syamie oii, mama dengan daddy ni memang buta Bahasa Arab. Susun ayat ikut sedap rasa je kan. Dapat A lagi tu, ish.. bangganya mama ni nak oiiiii.

Kiddo: Daddy, beli satu toy dulu pun tak pe. Syamie tak kisah. Nanti duit daddy tak cukup.

OK, is he being understanding or sarcastic towards his daddy? Because if we looked at his result, he probably gets 6 or 7 toys. Uwaaaa..!!

P/S: Yang dalam bakul pink besar tu pun dah nak terluar isi toys kau!

Monday, 17 October 2011

BB Died, So I Tweet

I notcied, lately I kept on forgetting things. Eh? Today, I know my BB battery is halfway to die and I thought I have put the cable inside my 'Marry Poppins' bag. But NOT! I also didn't bring my other charger. Ugh!

Mr. Fruitheart not feeling well today, so I went to work alone. Eh.. eh.. he sent me to work. Hehe.. Sayang bini! Early morning, I told him I forgot to bring my BB cable and my friends didn't bring theirs as well. So cruel Monday kan?? I told him, please send message via twitter.

See.. lucky we have Internet! :D Twitter comes in handy when we need it. Yes I have Whatsapp, but my BB battery died remember?

Accepting Changes

If we count it correctly, it has been 8 weeks. It is still early, first trimester. I have all those vomiting, nausea, cravings, breast pain, and the list goes on. The most unbearable are vomiting and nausea. It does makes you feel miserable and fatigue. I can lay flat all day long. Lucky I have a very understanding husband who knows how to handle me and expecting all this.

I am lazy. Seriously, I have never felt this lazy before. Yesterday I don't even put on any lipstick when I left the house. Normally I would put a little bit of it, but NO.. I looked like sick person. Few people said, it could a girl. Hmm.. it's still early to say it. But, if it is.. Thank you Allah.

I also couldn't stand stinky smells. Like when my father burn the papers outside the house, gosh! really smelly. And that caused my nausea and 'loya'. Perfume as well. I asked Mr. Fruitheart not to wear his Polo perfume. Too strong for me it seems. My nose is super duper sensitive during pregnancy. *sigh* Mr. Fruitheart said.. sabar sayang. Yeah, I am.

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Exam Fever

Kiddo is having his year end exam now. Two weeks. As I am still not in a good condition due to this morning sickness, nausea and vomiting.. I hardly pushed him to study. My bad. I did asked him to study last week, do few pages in his exercise books. And I hope, he answers all well.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Power of Saving - RM1825 A Year

I am interested with the entry posted by blogger ariffshah 'Kuasa Gandaan Dalam Penyimpanan Wang'. I too wanted to share our experienced with money and saving. From how we were in debt and now we managed to control our spending and increase our saving.

I did wrote a post sometime ago about Latte, Our Latte Factor. A simple saving that in the end gave a huge difference in our life. The latte factor had taught us about being discipline, not to spend more than what we earned and patience.

We were one of those youngsters who have problem with credit cards. Yes, that plastic money. Swiping this, swiping that and pay only minimum amout. I don't have credit cards, but my hubby have it. Err.. 4! One day, Mr. Furitheart told me this has got to stop. So we list down the amout and pay it slowly. Until now, we only use 2. We cancelled the other two since we have finished paying it. Yes, main rule. Patience, discipline and remind each other.

Just like the PM presenting Budget 2012, we too have our own household budget. We list down all the important bills we have to pay like car, insurance, fuel, school and grocery. We always put in our saving first before we allocate our balance to other things. We have our main saving accounts which we saved RM1000 and our secondary savings we saved RM800. Our main rule is that, we won't touch our main savings. That is to be used in case either on of us is jobless. The second saving is mainly used for bills that we need to pay quarterly, once or twice a year. Like car insurance.

Let's say we have to pay 1000. So every month we will put aside RM83. We have to pay our car insurances every December, so by the date we are suppose to pay, we already have an allocation for it. No need to crack our heads and redo our budget. I know it's hard for us to take our money one shot RM1000 to pay it all. So, by saving early that gives us the 'un-necessary stress'.

Image credit to google
What ariffshah said in his blog post is true. After 10 years, we will see that this compounding concept is really useful. You have a lot in your savings. Just imagine, if you are 18 years old and saved RM5 a day. You will have RM1825 a year. In 5 years you would have RM9125 at the age of 23. For those who are going to get married, there you go.. you easily have some 'duit hantaran'.

Same goes saving for kiddo's education. We allocated RM50 into his SSPN every month and we also put aside RM100 into his saving account. I started the SSPN since he is 3 years old and his current savings when he started school. I know, it is hard to do this. But, where there's a will, there will always be ways to do it. If you can't start with RM100, RM10 a month is good enough. Better than not save at all right? And it's NEVER TO LATE to start!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

BE - SOGO Kuala Lumpur Warehouse Sale

So I was checking out my Nuffnang just now. Moved my cursor to the earnings, and still below RM50. Clicked it and saw this new BE - SOGO Kuala Lumpur Warehouse Sale which is currently running.

Well well well, time to perabis kan duit lagi nampaknya. Hehe.. shopping!

So I went to search for it. KL Sogo Warehouse Clearance

Discounts up to 70%. Wow! Some have 80% discounts. Wowie! Unfortunately, this is for CARDMEMBER ONLY. Few favourite brands are having the warehouse clearance. Why they have to do it in the middle of the month? No more shopping budget already.

P/S: But I am not Sogo cardmember.

2nd Maternity and Children Expo - Midvalley, KL

Expecting parents and mothers like me loves to see this. I was having my 10 mins break early morning and as usual, went sight seeing in the Internet. Hehe.. Saw this in one of my friend's blog. He is also going to be a daddy soon, insyAllah.

Here are the information:
2nd maternity and children expo
Where: Atrium, Hall 1 & Hall 2, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
When : 18th November 2011 - 20th November 2011
Time : 10am - 9pm
Admission : Entrance is FREE

Maternity & Children Expo, a promising event that gathers every elements of the babies and parents industries! With more than 200 booths on the ground, this exhibition will definitely be one of the most awaited events for all parents and their precious little ones. Source: The Concept Exhibition

Exhibit Categories:
- Maternity Clothing & Accessories
- Slimming, Beauty & Health Care Products
- Breast Feeding & Mommy's Group
- Baby & Children Garments & Accessories
- Baby & Children Bedding & Furniture
- Toys, Playing & Learning Products
- Early Education, Training, Courses
- Programmes & Products - Food, Fedding & Nutrition
- Medical Biotechnological & Stem Cells Services
- Insurance & Financial Institution
- Photographer Services for Children & Parents
- Stroller & Gear, Travel Products
- Baby & Children Cares & Daily Use Products
- All Products & Services Related to Children
- Parents & Parents-to-be

What are the things I'm looking forward to?
- Maternity Clothing & Accessories
Hope there will be discounts. Need comfortable shoes.

- Programmes & Products - Food, Fedding & Nutrition
- Toys, Playing & Learning Products
- Early Education, Training, Courses
This is not just for the baby inside me, but for kiddo too. Since he is a bit picky about food. Always eat chicken. *sigh* Might as well looking for speech theraphy for him.

P/S: Last years total visitors : 112, 666. That's what triggered me to check it out! :D

People.. Why Must You Use Middle Finger??

I really don't understand this.

I was walking back to my office after lunch, and saw this one guy who was riding his bike showing his middle finger to his friend. His friend who was sitting inside the parking payment booth. Is that some sort of.. Hey hello! gestures when you meet your friends now? I know not all did that, but it's not APPROPRIATE at all!

The other day, when me and Mr. Fruitheart were driving back home I saw one man who drove a lorry and showing his middle finger while driving. I thought he was showing that to us, but he was doing that to his friend on the other side of the road who was in a lorry too. Gosh! I really don't understand.

What happened to the raise your hand and smile? What happened to the nice waving? You remember Mr Bean in his movie Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie? He showed his middle finger while he was in the car to some ladies and they were in shocked?

From wikipedia:
In Western culture, the finger (as in giving someone the finger or the bird), also known as the middle finger, is an obscene hand gesture, often meaning the phrases "*uck off" ("screw off"), "*uck you" ("screw you") or "up yours". It is performed by showing the back of a closed hand that has only the middle finger extended upwards.

image credit to wikipedia
I believe it's not in Western culture only, I even saw children in our country using it too. I wonder, do they even know what's the meaning of showing the middle finger to others?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pippa Middleton Butt??

I took my break by reading the Star online. Haih.. reading news seems so boring huh. But not when you entered the women or daily chill section. They got some juicy stories and information there. And this 'BUTT' word caught my attention.

So, it has been told that women in America are now crazy over Pippa's sexy behind after her being the maid of honor in her sister's wedding Kate Middleton.  Err.. Sorry, I don't find it sexy. Maybe I need to fix my eyes huh? Or should I ask from a guy's point of view?

image credit to google

"According to ABC News, the latest craze in the US is the 'Pippa butt lift', with women wanting to replicate the 28-year-old's rear end.

"She's got a nice rump that's not too big," 28-year-old Christina Valdez, who's gone for a 'Pippa butt lift', told Good Morning America. "Her frame just looked incredible in that dress.

"I was like, 'That's it. This is it, I just have to look like her'. If she can look petite and great and still have a nice backside to her, so can I."

Miami-based plastic surgeon Dr Constantino Mendieta said that Pippa had "created a stir" in her Alexander McQueen dress, adding: "People want those dimensions. She's just gorgeous."

He said that 80% of his work is now butt lifts, with 20% - including Valdez - requesting the 'Pippa butt lift'.

Valdez claimed that the two-hour surgery - which saw fat from her stomach injected into her backside - had made her "feel sexy", saying: "I love the results. It looks beautiful [and] feels great."

No I'm not going to have any surgery on my backside. I am glad to have it as it is.

A Child's Love

He is the one who holds his mother's hand while going down the stairs
He is the one who remembers to buy new orange goodday for his mother when finished
He is the one who hugs each time he is sorry
He is the one who say his prayer to God for a healthy brother and sister in his mother's tummy
He is the one who will cry when his mother is in pain
He is the one who care a lot for his mother
He is the one who still let his mother kiss his cheek and not Daddy
He is the one who listens to everything his mother say NO
He is the one who acting naughty but still being the apple of his mother's eye
He is the one who talks a lot to keep his mother's entertained
He is the one who asks a lot to make his mother goes crazy
He is the one who kept asking when his mother's tummy will get bigger
He is the one who helps a lot with almost everything that he could
He is the one who's going to be a caring, loving big brother
He is the one who's going to be his mother's baby forever
He is Adzreza Syahmie.. my lovely child.

Monday, 10 October 2011

A Thank You Note For Dearest Husband

Thank you.

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For taking care of me during my sickness,
For doing the laundry when I'm laying flat on the bed,
For folding the clothes when I'm not able to sit straight,
For buying me food when I'm craving for bihun goreng,
For making my milk, my peel fresh orange and making me eat my fruits,
For being patience with me during this first trimester,
For being the most informative and know what to do and expect during my early pregnancy,
For always being supportive,
For always being there for me.

P/S: I love you Nizamuddin Nordin.


Everyday I pray and hope for a easy pregnancy. From allergies, food cravings until I safely delivered. First trimester, hmm.. nausea, vomit. Gosh! Not lucky in that. Two days, feeling so tired and no energy. I took leave on Friday some more. Hoping I can enjoy my weekends as usual. But NOT!

While I was typing this entry too I felt my tummy bloated, which makes me feel irritated and discomfort.. and uneasy bla bla bla.. Mr. Fruitheart said, as I knew this was going to happen, just be patience. Ya, I heard you. I really hope that it won't last long like my first pregnancy. I kept on vomiting to month 6. Lembik mak!

P/S: As long as I can feel all this, I know that it is still there and hopefully, it's not outside.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

iPhone for(4) (S) Steve

We've lost a brilliant man in technology world. May he rest in peace.

CCN posted: Apple also has created a sparse website in Jobs' memory, and asked people to share thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email

When I was a child, I only know apple is a fruit. Now, Apple is a very famous well known technology that has ever invented.

image credit to CNN
iPhone for(4) (S) Steve, that's what I read people tweet in twitter today.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pregnancy and Braces

Can pregnant woman wear braces? My dentist said, YES. That is from scientific and modern doctor's view. What about from traditional point of view? I mean our parents and grandparents, they sure have many advise to mothers-to-be. As you know, Malays got so many 'pantang larang', do's and dont's.

Earlier I had extracted my four teeth, two up and two bottom. At that time, I didn't know I was going to get pregnant after one year marriage. And last week, doc put the separator. OMG! So irritating. I couldn't chew much. Which makes me don't want to eat, and as a result makes me really hungry of not eating properly. Since I know I am pregnant, I can't stand the ache and the needs of food inside my tummy. I decided to take off all those blue rubber.

Phew! What a relief. I called my dentist and said I cancelled wearing braces until I am ready. Most probably after confinement. Errr.. maybe I won't be wearing it at all. Hehe.. getting older. Why I must burden myself right? Now I have four holes. Looks kinda ugly.

Here's what I got:
"Because women who are pregnant may experience sensitive teeth and gums, braces may add to this discomfort. Pregnant women experience hormonal changes and an increased volume of circulating blood that can make gums swollen and irritable. But braces may be worn as long as you keep your teeth and gums free and clear of infection. Talking to your dentist or orthodontist can help you decide." - Dr. De Vizio DMD of Colgate

2011: Happy World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day is held annually on 5 October to celebrate the essential role of teachers in providing quality education at all levels. It also commemorates the anniversary of the 1966 signature of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers. (from

image credit to UNESCO
 We have teacher's day celebration here on 16th May every year. This is the first time I heard about World Teacher's Day. Gosh! So slow poke of me.

I want to wish all teachers around the world,

Image credit to Google
The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people. ~K. Patricia Cross

Man and Umbrella.. It's Raining Man

It has been raining three days in a row during lunch hour. Some of us went lunch as early as 11 which was before it rains or around 2 after it rains. From my cubical, I can see dark clouds moving towards the building. One my my colleague, a guy had told another friend to go out for lunch before it rains. So they left. Not long after that, they came back. I know it has already raining.

I did asked him why he don't want to carry an umbrella with him. He told me, he is willing to get wet than the umbrella. Huh???!!! Is it not macho for a guy to use umbrella? The question he don't want to answer.

image credit to
P/S: What's wrong with a man carrying an umbrella?

Odd Keyword - малыши

I seldom checked my analytics. Today, I opened my Nuff analytics and saw one word that made me raised my eyebrow like 'The Rock'. -_^

First glance at it, looks like Sanskrit. Twice looks like Russian. I googled translate it, and yes it's Russian.
малыши means baby.

So, someone is looking for maybe baby images, stuff or info regarding babies in my blog. Hmm.. I might update about baby since I'm expecting one.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Down Memory Lane - PMR 1996

I just realized today, I took the exam 15 years ago. Tetibe rase tua pulak dah *blush* Sekarang ni tak rase malu nak bagi tahu result exam PMR, 4A 4B 1 C. Yang C tu Bahasa Arab. Hancur.

First day I was so nervous. BM paper OK. Nama je orang Melayu, tapi bile subjek Bahasa Melayu tak score macam BI. So one of my B's was BM. *double blush*. At that time I was in 3AG1, kira kelas pertama dalam kategori 3 Agama. Tapi dalam kelas, selalu dapat result akhir. What to do, kejutan budaya. Form 3 tu la, my father decided to move from Penang to Kedah and I hardly have friends. And have to adapt to new environment, new school, new teachers and new stuff. Tapi, syukur I still got what I aimed. 4A's. Sebab tahu kemampuan sendiri masa tu macam mana kan.

Masa hari ketiga, if not mistaken it was Pendidikan Islam paper. I didn't do my revision because I thought it was other subject. Haaa.. kelam kabut study last minit. 15 minit sebelum masuk dewan study depan surau. Sangat gelabah perempuan ni tau. Nasib baik tak fail. Tak ingat lah, last paper apa. Apa yang I ingat last day exam tu, terus balik rumah tidur. After that, I gave myself one week vacation from school. Suka hati je kan.

To those who taking PMR this year, GOOD LUCK and all the best! Tak payah la cari soalan bocor, bawa toyol kecik or simpan buku dalam toilet tu. Jangan meniru. Tu masa depan anda. Kalau dari kecik macam ni semua nak senang, everything must be feed to you, then susahlah. Sampai ke tua pun attitude macam tu. Usaha dengan sendiri adalah lebih berbaloi dan kepuasan maksima.

Image credit to cintasiparipari.blogspot
P/S: Kalau rase soalan tu tak boleh jawab, tinggalkan dulu. Jawab yang senang. Tapi kalau semua soalan pun tak tahu nak jawab apa.. tikam je.

Cruel Teen! Newborn girl thrown from third-floor

Unwed teen held for throwing newborn girl from third-floor

How could you??!! Not thinking right, panicked, having baby without legal wedlock. This is what happens. Yesterday's story about baby dumping still fresh and now this.

There are a lot of other couples who have been trying hard to get a baby, they should have think of giving the baby away instead of throwing the baby outside the window. It's like throwing a piece of chewing gum just like that! Don't know what action will be taken towards her, but I hope she will learn her lesson. When this will end?

Why Must Like Facebook??

I used to hooked up into facebook like max four hours a day long time ago. I was working part time there. Working hard to earn cash, gifts, and bonus on my farm, restaurant, being a mafia and a beautiful sorority sisters. Haha.. It is true! Those were the days I'm addicted to facebook games. Now? Huh! I am of those hundreds inactive user and I find it no longer exciting. I hardly logged in to it.

Sometimes it irritated me when I join a contest on the web and they include the T&C: Must Like Fanpage XXX. My office had blocked it, at home I don't have time to log into it. Weekend? Ahh forget it. Spending time with kiddo and hubby is more important. And of course my sleep. I know it's simple and easy. Click! Click! only right. But still.. Yeah Fara, complaints.. complaints.. Bla bla bla..

Facebook has become boring, and sometimes when I logged into it.. I just read my friends status. I don't even comments on it. That doesn't make me a stalker right?

Note to self: Don't want to click, then don't join.

Monday, 3 October 2011

7 Year Old Reaction To Pregnancy

Knowing kiddo who is very talkative, we decided to keep it as a secret first. And knowing he is too smart, the secret doesn't last long. He knew it when we walked near the baby milk powder shelves. He saw Mr. Fruitheart took the Anmum Materna box which has pregnant women in front of the cover. At that instant, he started all his questions.

Kiddo: Eh daddy, beli susu untuk bagi adik Syamie dalam perut mama ke?
Daddy: Iye.
Kiddo: Mama, Syamie dah ade adik dah ke mama?
Mama: Iye
Kiddo: Nanti mama minum susu, adik dalam perut besar ke mama?
Mama: Iye

He asked so many questions from that moment along the way to his grandparents house. Non-stop. He even told me to take good care of his little bro or sister when he goes to school.

Kiddo: Mama, nanti mama kene makan tau. Sebab kalau mama tak makan, baby dalam perut mama pun kene makan juga. Baby kat dalam perut tak boleh makan sendiri. Nanti bile mama dah makan, baby pun makan jugak.

Kiddo: Mama, Syamie dah minta doa adik sihat dalam perut mama dah.
Mama: Thank you Syamie.

It really touched my heart how my seven year old say his prayer to keep his baby brother or sister healthy. Because, he remembered very well that his mother's previous miscarriage. I told him that the baby is not doing well and the doctor had to took it out.

Yesterday, we had our groceries day. He was the one who really excited and told us to buy baby's stuff. OMG! I was right when I told myself.. the most happiest person would be kiddo and Mr. Fruitheart. Both of them had waited too long. And I am so thankful to Allah, that I have caring and helpful husband and a talkative, loving kiddo. I am sure, when the little baby come out.. he or she.. or might be both happy to have them too!

There is a Child Inside of Me

Happy Monday everyone! Although it's a bit cloudy gloomy sky here in KL and me feel sleepy despite having my weekend sleep dose, I wanted to share this very good news. *big smile*

It has been five weeks. Positive, we went for an ultrasound scan and it is still small.. so small like a tiny bean inside there. Mr. Fruitheart had said earlier, if I am positive pregnant that would be our wedding anniversary. Allah heard our everyday prayers. I am so thankful for this. So far no morning sickness yet, no cravings just pain on the top body part. Yeah you know where.

P/S: Hope all will be good and OK during my pregnancy journey.