Monday, 3 October 2011

7 Year Old Reaction To Pregnancy

Knowing kiddo who is very talkative, we decided to keep it as a secret first. And knowing he is too smart, the secret doesn't last long. He knew it when we walked near the baby milk powder shelves. He saw Mr. Fruitheart took the Anmum Materna box which has pregnant women in front of the cover. At that instant, he started all his questions.

Kiddo: Eh daddy, beli susu untuk bagi adik Syamie dalam perut mama ke?
Daddy: Iye.
Kiddo: Mama, Syamie dah ade adik dah ke mama?
Mama: Iye
Kiddo: Nanti mama minum susu, adik dalam perut besar ke mama?
Mama: Iye

He asked so many questions from that moment along the way to his grandparents house. Non-stop. He even told me to take good care of his little bro or sister when he goes to school.

Kiddo: Mama, nanti mama kene makan tau. Sebab kalau mama tak makan, baby dalam perut mama pun kene makan juga. Baby kat dalam perut tak boleh makan sendiri. Nanti bile mama dah makan, baby pun makan jugak.

Kiddo: Mama, Syamie dah minta doa adik sihat dalam perut mama dah.
Mama: Thank you Syamie.

It really touched my heart how my seven year old say his prayer to keep his baby brother or sister healthy. Because, he remembered very well that his mother's previous miscarriage. I told him that the baby is not doing well and the doctor had to took it out.

Yesterday, we had our groceries day. He was the one who really excited and told us to buy baby's stuff. OMG! I was right when I told myself.. the most happiest person would be kiddo and Mr. Fruitheart. Both of them had waited too long. And I am so thankful to Allah, that I have caring and helpful husband and a talkative, loving kiddo. I am sure, when the little baby come out.. he or she.. or might be both happy to have them too!
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