Monday, 17 October 2011

Accepting Changes

If we count it correctly, it has been 8 weeks. It is still early, first trimester. I have all those vomiting, nausea, cravings, breast pain, and the list goes on. The most unbearable are vomiting and nausea. It does makes you feel miserable and fatigue. I can lay flat all day long. Lucky I have a very understanding husband who knows how to handle me and expecting all this.

I am lazy. Seriously, I have never felt this lazy before. Yesterday I don't even put on any lipstick when I left the house. Normally I would put a little bit of it, but NO.. I looked like sick person. Few people said, it could a girl. Hmm.. it's still early to say it. But, if it is.. Thank you Allah.

I also couldn't stand stinky smells. Like when my father burn the papers outside the house, gosh! really smelly. And that caused my nausea and 'loya'. Perfume as well. I asked Mr. Fruitheart not to wear his Polo perfume. Too strong for me it seems. My nose is super duper sensitive during pregnancy. *sigh* Mr. Fruitheart said.. sabar sayang. Yeah, I am.

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