Monday, 17 October 2011

BB Died, So I Tweet

I notcied, lately I kept on forgetting things. Eh? Today, I know my BB battery is halfway to die and I thought I have put the cable inside my 'Marry Poppins' bag. But NOT! I also didn't bring my other charger. Ugh!

Mr. Fruitheart not feeling well today, so I went to work alone. Eh.. eh.. he sent me to work. Hehe.. Sayang bini! Early morning, I told him I forgot to bring my BB cable and my friends didn't bring theirs as well. So cruel Monday kan?? I told him, please send message via twitter.

See.. lucky we have Internet! :D Twitter comes in handy when we need it. Yes I have Whatsapp, but my BB battery died remember?
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