Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Kiddo Talks: Tak Baca Buku Pun Boleh Dapat A

Almost a week I didn't update my blog. No mood, not feeling well, been very busy with myself and resting most of the time. Hehe.. So here I am on Wednesday on Malaysia PH working *sigh*. Took a minute break. Don't want to get stress with work.

Kiddo's final exam results are out. As I know he didn't study much and we didn't expect much from him as well. Alah, baru darjah satu (ayat biasa ibu bapa) exam will be easy one. Before that Mr. Fruitheart had encourage him for presenting us A's for his exam. The deal? If he gets 80, it is equal to one toy. If he gets 90 he will have two toys. He if gets 100, he will get three toys. Me? I stay out of it. Haha. That's father and son deal.

So, yesterday he brought back all his exam papers. 5A's and 1B. Two 90's, three 80's and one 79. And the deal is still on. Daddy have to buy him toys. Haha.. Budget anak tak score lah tu ya daddy? He proved to us that he can do well in exam.

Mr. Fruitheart: English dapat 95. (selak kertas nak cari salah kat mana). Syahmie salah eja balloon dengan plate.
Kiddo: Syamie.. Syamie tahu eja balloon dengan plate. Tapi Syamie tak fokus, Syamie letak p kat balloon, b kat plate.
Mr. Fruitheart: Tengok perempuan la tu masa jawab exam eh?

Bertuah sungguh si daddy.

Me: Fuyooo.. Maths dapat 92. First time ni.
Kiddo: Syamie dah ingat dah nak jawab macam mana.

I do remember the day we asked him about his exam he said... soalan senang je mama. Syamie boleh jawab, tapi Syamie tak pasti betul ke salah. -_-

Mr. Fruitheart: Ini mesti mama suke. Bahasa Arab 87.
Me: Fuyooo.. dahsyat la anak mama dapat A.
Kiddo: Syamie tahu dah nak jawab apa.

Nasib baik lah Syamie oii, mama dengan daddy ni memang buta Bahasa Arab. Susun ayat ikut sedap rasa je kan. Dapat A lagi tu, ish.. bangganya mama ni nak oiiiii.

Kiddo: Daddy, beli satu toy dulu pun tak pe. Syamie tak kisah. Nanti duit daddy tak cukup.

OK, is he being understanding or sarcastic towards his daddy? Because if we looked at his result, he probably gets 6 or 7 toys. Uwaaaa..!!

P/S: Yang dalam bakul pink besar tu pun dah nak terluar isi toys kau!
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