Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Man and Umbrella.. It's Raining Man

It has been raining three days in a row during lunch hour. Some of us went lunch as early as 11 which was before it rains or around 2 after it rains. From my cubical, I can see dark clouds moving towards the building. One my my colleague, a guy had told another friend to go out for lunch before it rains. So they left. Not long after that, they came back. I know it has already raining.

I did asked him why he don't want to carry an umbrella with him. He told me, he is willing to get wet than the umbrella. Huh???!!! Is it not macho for a guy to use umbrella? The question he don't want to answer.

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P/S: What's wrong with a man carrying an umbrella?
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