Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pippa Middleton Butt??

I took my break by reading the Star online. Haih.. reading news seems so boring huh. But not when you entered the women or daily chill section. They got some juicy stories and information there. And this 'BUTT' word caught my attention.

So, it has been told that women in America are now crazy over Pippa's sexy behind after her being the maid of honor in her sister's wedding Kate Middleton.  Err.. Sorry, I don't find it sexy. Maybe I need to fix my eyes huh? Or should I ask from a guy's point of view?

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"According to ABC News, the latest craze in the US is the 'Pippa butt lift', with women wanting to replicate the 28-year-old's rear end.

"She's got a nice rump that's not too big," 28-year-old Christina Valdez, who's gone for a 'Pippa butt lift', told Good Morning America. "Her frame just looked incredible in that dress.

"I was like, 'That's it. This is it, I just have to look like her'. If she can look petite and great and still have a nice backside to her, so can I."

Miami-based plastic surgeon Dr Constantino Mendieta said that Pippa had "created a stir" in her Alexander McQueen dress, adding: "People want those dimensions. She's just gorgeous."

He said that 80% of his work is now butt lifts, with 20% - including Valdez - requesting the 'Pippa butt lift'.

Valdez claimed that the two-hour surgery - which saw fat from her stomach injected into her backside - had made her "feel sexy", saying: "I love the results. It looks beautiful [and] feels great."
Source: www.digitalspy.co.uk

No I'm not going to have any surgery on my backside. I am glad to have it as it is.
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