Monday, 10 October 2011


Everyday I pray and hope for a easy pregnancy. From allergies, food cravings until I safely delivered. First trimester, hmm.. nausea, vomit. Gosh! Not lucky in that. Two days, feeling so tired and no energy. I took leave on Friday some more. Hoping I can enjoy my weekends as usual. But NOT!

While I was typing this entry too I felt my tummy bloated, which makes me feel irritated and discomfort.. and uneasy bla bla bla.. Mr. Fruitheart said, as I knew this was going to happen, just be patience. Ya, I heard you. I really hope that it won't last long like my first pregnancy. I kept on vomiting to month 6. Lembik mak!

P/S: As long as I can feel all this, I know that it is still there and hopefully, it's not outside.
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