Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Why Must Like Facebook??

I used to hooked up into facebook like max four hours a day long time ago. I was working part time there. Working hard to earn cash, gifts, and bonus on my farm, restaurant, being a mafia and a beautiful sorority sisters. Haha.. It is true! Those were the days I'm addicted to facebook games. Now? Huh! I am of those hundreds inactive user and I find it no longer exciting. I hardly logged in to it.

Sometimes it irritated me when I join a contest on the web and they include the T&C: Must Like Fanpage XXX. My office had blocked it, at home I don't have time to log into it. Weekend? Ahh forget it. Spending time with kiddo and hubby is more important. And of course my sleep. I know it's simple and easy. Click! Click! only right. But still.. Yeah Fara, complaints.. complaints.. Bla bla bla..

Facebook has become boring, and sometimes when I logged into it.. I just read my friends status. I don't even comments on it. That doesn't make me a stalker right?

Note to self: Don't want to click, then don't join.
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