Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Kiddo Talks: Handsome Daddy

Last weekend, we celebrated Aidiladha at my parents house. My turn. We took day off on Friday and enjoyed our long four days holiday.

On Sunday night, my aunty had organized a family feast after Maghrib. Yeah! Food! All my family members, my aunties, uncles, cousins were all there.

Mr. Fruitheart was ready. Kiddo still had his towel on. And I'm watching TV. Lazy bum!

Mr. Fruitheart: Nak tahu Syamie cakap ape?
Me: Die cakap ape?
Mr. Fruitheart: Kenape daddy pakai seluar hitam, tak pakai seluar melayu? (Baju melayu outfit)
Me: Sayang jawab ape?
Mr. Fruitheart: Daddy nak handsome sikit. Die cakap, mane boleh daddy handsome. Nanti semua perempuan peluk daddy. Mama marah nanti.
Me: Wakakakaka.. That's my boy.

At that time, he was standing and smiling. Caya lah anak mama!
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