Monday, 6 February 2012

Pregnancy Brain

Mr. Fruitheart has been the most informative person during my first day pregnancy until now. He knows what to do, what to expect and very patience. He even subscribed to the Babybump website. Here was what he showed me on my week 24, day 4, 2nd trimester.

You set your car keys on the counter—you know you did—but they aren’t there now. If it seems like these scatter-brained moments are happening more and more often, you’re not alone. All of those hormone fluctuations are causing the all-too-common phenomenon known as “Pregnancy Brain”, which happens to many moms-to-be at some point. Unfortunately, short of carrying a sticky note pad around to jot down constant reminders to yourself, there’s not much you can do to stave off the occasional flightiness and forgetfulness. So just laugh it off and use hormones as your scapegoat while you still can. Chances are, those around you will cut you some much-deserved slack.

I was laughing while reading it. I never knew there was a phenomenon called 'Pregnancy Brain'. I thought as I am getting older, I forget easily. Once, I forgot to take my handbag together which I just put it on the chair for 5 seconds! I went straight to the car and left the house. We had to turn back to the house to get it. Next, I thought I had left my phone on my office table, but it was not there. Can you imagine, I have to go up and looked for it when it was already inside my bag?

It was the day when kiddo's morning school was on holiday. Early morning we dropped him off at the nursery as usual. I took his bag and he was supposed to stay there. I told him to stay in the car and asked why he wanted to go out. He was a bit blur and Mr. Fruitheart was staring at me. I was like.. why? Eh! Suddenly.. Sorry son, I forgot that you need to go in as well. We burst into laughter.

Until today, whenever I forget things they will bring this story up. Teasing mummy. And I thought I lost my brain somewhere. Poor me! Blame the pregnancy hormone boys.
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