Thursday, 29 March 2012

Baby's Stuff

Last week we went to buy our baby's stuff. Both kiddo and Mr. Fruitheart have been waiting for this moment. I am excited as well, but knowing I will deliver soon.. phew! nervous as it is. It's normal I know.

We went to Jusco AU2 due to it's the time for us to buy groceries as well. I can't walk or stand too long. My foot will be swollen and oh boy it's like an elephant foot! I couldn't see my ankle anymore. Boo hoo hoo.

There's not much too choose there, but still it costs us RM400. Hehe.. Well baby, if you grow up and read this, your daddy wants the best for you sweetie. *wink* And so do I! There will be a second round of shopping for you, which I guess end of April. There are still stuff that we find much more prettier and good some other places. Haha..

And do you know what your big brother is doing while we were searching for your stuff? As usual, kids his age went to the toys department. Although he knew, he won't be getting anything from both of us, he said he was just looking. Disappointment? Of course! I can see from his face. Haha.. Your big brother loves toys so much (although he said he loves mummy more), but which kids doesn't? And you baby girl, you will know soon.

When I started becoming a mother eight years ago, I love to shop for babies stuff especially clothes, books and toys. I guess some mommies have that too isn't it? Seeing all those cute and small baby booties, caps, rompers, those pink gown will make you say..
'This is sure looks cute if my baby wears it.'
'Ooh.. it's so adorable!'

'OMG! That red gown with white ribbon so pretty!'

Hehe.. that are more to girls huh? Well, boys doesn't have much fancy clothes. But you know what, I spent a lot on clothes for kiddo. All those branded stuff from Gap to Guess, Pureen to Anakku. You name it. I've given it away when I knew I won't be having kids after that. Err.. not until this year. Hehe..

As I am writing this, I am 30 weeks pregnant. I am much more heavier and have to walk a little more slower than usual. Before this I have a lot to share about kiddo and his jokes, about Mr. Fruitheart being the informative partner during my pregnancy days and all other stuff. But my mood to write is not there. Plus, work has not been very good to me, more work for this pregnant lady. Boo hoo hoo.

P/S: Working from home is much more I like it during my third trimester.
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