Friday, 16 March 2012

Kiddo Talks: Makan Dengan Family

School holidays almost over. Time sure flies so fast when we are having fun, isn't it? As usual when school holiday starts, we sent kiddo to his grandparents house. Balik kampung ooo.. Wooo.. Balik kampung. Of course he is excited, no one 'membebel pot pet' at him kan.

I will call him twice a day as promised. Yeah, I missed him. So at lunch time I called him as usual.

Me: Syahmie buat ape?
Kiddo: Tengok TV dengan main lego.
Me: Dah lunch?
Kiddo: Belum. Syahmie nak pegi Lalamanda..
Me: Alamanda. Pegi dengan sapa?
Kiddo: Alamanda. Pegi dengan family Syahmie la.
Me: Mama dengan daddy pun family Syahmie jugak. Nak ikut lah.
Kiddo: Syahmie nak pergi sekarang. Tu la, siapa suruh mama dengan daddy keje.

Haih anak bertuah pandai menjawab tu. When you have a kid who is funny, talkative, clever, knows how to entertain you.. It makes your life meaningful.

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