Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Third Trimester

Finally, I have a little time for my blog. I said I am back, but I didn't actually active everyday updating it. As I said in my previous post, this pregnancy making me lazy to sit in front of my PC for so long. Except when I'm doing my work.

I'm on MC today. Didn't get enough sleep since my baby is not giving mummy a chance to relax. I hope my baby wouldn't give me a false alarm like his brother 8 years ago.

If I am not mistaken, I have another 75 days more until delivery day. Phew! That WAS SO FAST! It seems like I just had my 1st trimester, morning sickness last week. I don't remember if all these back pain, headache and nausea I had the same as my first pregnancy during my 3rd trimester. I am nervous, excited and yeah afraid too. Mixed emotions! Mr. Fruitheart feels the same. The sad part is, he will be going to Norway in April. I am due in May.

He made a joke about me being 'manja', saying.. 'Nasa (Marion's hubby, yeah Naza CEO), still can fly here and there when the wife is pregnant and near to the delivery date.'

I said, 'Well.. I am not Marion Caunter. I need my husband to be with me everyday, every second until I deliver.'

I know my husband is a busy man, with meetings, this and that to take care in the office and at home with me and kiddo. Sometimes I feel neglected, not loved and not being taken care enough. I am not saying my husband is not doing anything, he is the MOST CARING AND LOVING HUBBY! Until I got scolded for carrying our laundry basket. Yes I am a stubborn wife. I am thankful to GOD for giving me Nizam Nordin as a husband. I know Syahmie would have agree with me that he has a wonderful daddy. Soon, when the baby comes, she will be loved the way she should.

P/S: What else do you want when you have been given a wonderful family?

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