Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Baby's Stroller, Car Seat and Crib

At first we decided to buy these two most expensive item on our list after two months the baby comes out. But, due to the fact that both father and son excitement, they bought it without me. Sob sob. Actually, they did told me when they were at the shop. It's just that I am not there.

It's the day when both of them had their father and son moment. Watched movie - The Avengers. Place: Festival City. Mr. Fruitheart called and told me there was a baby's shop near Modernmum which we had never been to. Didn't noticed it at all. It was kiddo who told his daddy. 'Eh daddy, got another baby's shop.'

I told Mr. Fruitheart to ask for free gifts since we bought a lot from that store. We should get some discounts or free stuff right? Hehe. Oh and still under our budget. That is the most important thing.

So, enjoy the few pictures of the strollers, car seat and crib.

We bought the convertible crib for long term use. It can be adjusted to three different heights depending on the age of the baby. It can also be a daybed or toddler bed I think up until baby is 5 or 6 years old. It can also be a playpen too.

Mr Fruitheart a bit stressed


Free gifts! Like!

Car seat

Baby's first teddy bear, from Mr. Fruitheart's colleague in UK
I will upload later the cribs picture. Since it was already in my sister's in law room, I am not that rajin to walk down the stairs. Yes, during confinement I will be staying in my sister's in law bedroom. No TV. Boo hoo hoo. Till then, tata!
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