Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Baby's Stuff - Second Round

I meant to update my blog every now and then.. however, the current condition and the feeling to type is not there. Oh, I have no idea where it went. All the passion have gone. It's not like when I was so very happy updating and always have something to tell during my wedding preparation. Ahh.. the hormone changes! Don't you agree?

So here I am after watching TV my favorite Korean drama as usual, I decided to update. I don't remember when exactly we went to buy baby's stuff for the second round. I think end of April. We went to Mothercare at KLCC. We bought some more baby's clothes, plus it's on SALE! Yay!

First round and second round stuff
Basic stuff we bought - Baby booties and mittens, towel, blanket, napkins, set of pillows and bolster, newborn disposable pampers, baby wipes, toiletries, changing mat, feeding bottle and lots of bodysuits like below. Or some would called it romper.

Yes mummy and daddy love you

Cute little small clothes!

I think we bought like ten bodysuits for baby to wear during day and for sleeping we bought the jumper. Mr. Fruitheart said, 'beli banyak nanti tak pakai'. Err.. Oh already bought it pun kan. Hehe.

This for sleeping
I kept telling myself, don't buy a lot since I don't know how big my baby is. Now baby is almost 3KG or already 3KG. We had bought variety of sizes, 0-3 months, 3 - 6 months and newborn. But the most we bought is from 0-3 months. The important thing is, I enjoyed shopping for my baby. I don't have this feeling after eight years! You know how mothers-to-be sound when they see cute things? Awww.. this is so cute! Comelnye! Aww.. pink color! Ala-ala, comelnye. The next thing your partner know, all those aww.. cute, were already on the counter waiting to be paid.
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