Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Kiddo Talks: My Mother The Senior Citizen

Sometimes we, especially women feels a bit sensitive when being told we're getting old or how we're being reminded.. "Eh, you're going to be 31 this year!" Some would replied.. "Yeah, so?".. "It's just a number." And the lists goes on.
Here's my story about how I got called "SENIOR CITIZEN" by my son. He's very naughty and loves to tease his mother.
We just came back from our groceries shopping one day. Since I can't and were not allowed to carry those heavy bags.. I just walked straight to the front door holding only two small plastic bags. When I turned back, I saw kiddo came out from the car limping while carrying few small bags.

Kiddo: Aduh, beratnya. Sakit pinggang Syamie. (Sambil tangan ke belakang badan, macam orang tua berjalan).
Me: Haa.. tu perli mama la tu.
Kiddo: Mama kan senior citizen, tak larat nak bawa barang berat.
Me: Bertuah punya anak.
The other day, he teased me when I forgot things. I was preparing his school stuff early morning as usual. I had everything put into places and suddenly I noticed that he's missing another pair of his socks. I am very sure I put in on the table just few minutes ago. I got angry out of a sudden and asked kiddo to find it. Sambil tangan mencari, mulut pun sama membebel. Mr. Fruitheart came and asked what the fuss is all about. I told him and on the spot I noticed kiddo already wore 'the missing' sock!

Senior Citizens

Me: Syamie ni kan, yang dekat kaki tu apa? Bukan stokin ke?
Kiddo: Memang la mama. Syamie dah pakai dari tadi lagi.
Me: Habis tu kenapa tak cakap dah pakai?

Hubby and I looked at each other. He smiled.

Mr. Fruitheart: Tak pe sayang, kite orang faham. You forgot things.
Kiddo: Tu la, mama ni memang senior citizen. Mama lupa.

P/S: Pasrah aku dengan keadaan masa tu!
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