Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cranky Baby, Cranky Mama

My baby girl is one month old now. I quoted this from babycentre.com: "Newborn babies are hard work. Being the parent of a newborn who cries a lot even harder work."
Parents out there especially mothers know what I mean. Not enough sleep during night and have to breastfeed the little one with one eye open is one hard thing to do. Yeah you can guess I once fell asleep while feeding her.
My baby girl usually sleeps during day. The issue here is, she cries when we want to put her to sleep during night but that doesn't happen during day time. She can sleep by herself after I fed her. She even fell asleep while I fed her sometimes! I am OK if she wakes up and decided .. 'Hey mama, wake up and let's play rocking-chair'. But what makes me stressed is she cried instead.
Not only babies can go cranky, mothers too. Especially when you don't get enough sleep and fatigue. There are times I feel like I want to scream so loud. I tried my very best not to shout at kiddo and Mr. Fruitheart over small things. Oh you don't know how I CONTROL it.
I do not need to be reminded of babies sleep during day time and awake during night time. I do not need to be told to check on her diapers, stomach ache, whether she is cold or hot, comfy, need cuddling, need to be hold and everything. I do read the tips and articles from babycentre and advice from my parents and in laws. But when your baby starts to cry after everything is checked, you just don't know what else they want.
I just need to be reminded, there's nothing wrong with my baby and it is OK for her to cry and not BLAMING myself. I know this crying is a phase and it will soon pass. You just hang on there Fara!
P/S: I love you baby girl.
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