Monday, 11 June 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Adzreza Syahmie

My eldest son, the only son.. Adzreza Syahmie turned eight on 27th May last month. Since I am still on confinement and on recovery mode, I only updated the entry about it today.
Like every year kiddo would want a cake. Last year it was BR ice cream cake. This year, kiddo wanted to have an ANGRY BIRD cake. He saw one at AEON Wangsa Maju but I am not sure about the taste. He might not like it (I know I don't). I ordered from my friend's wife, since she is doing this pastry as part time. Kiddo had also requested the cake on 27th May and a cupcake to be given to his friends on 11th June when school starts. It was like having a simple treat for his friends. I liked the idea and I didn't know he could came out with one. Clever boy!
A little bit disappointing because the cake was supposed to be delivered on 27th, but my friend wrongly set the date to be on 28th :( Takkan lah I tak ingat my own son's birthday kan? So, on 28th during dinner time we sang again and cut the cake. So sorry for kiddo, he didn't have the proper celebration.
And again today, I asked for 50 cupcakes but I got only 25 instead. Double my frustration. *sigh* Oh well, what's done is done.
I will make sure kiddo will have a proper celebration next year. Even if he has to share the celebration with her baby sister Arissa and his mother, I will make sure I fulfill his wish. After all, he is a good boy. Ala, nakal tu biasa lah. Every kid has their naughty attitude, right? But hey, once a year celebration. Maybe he could have few friends to celebrate with him or celebrate it somewhere. McDonalds maybe. *wink*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADZREZA SYAHMIE! Thank you for being a good kiddo and mama loves you so much.

An Angry Bird
P/S: It was a nice cake. Nasib baik. Don't have the cupcake pictures, since it went straight to his nursery this morning. Let's hope it taste good as well.
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