Monday, 11 June 2012

Nur Leia Arissa

Finally I have the time to sit in front of the laptop.
Yes, finally my little princess was born on 22nd May 2012 at 11.04am. We named her Nur Leia Arissa. She is very healthy, 3.4KG. I never thought that she would weight that much, because doc said it could be 3KG only. Oh tipah tertipu!
Kiddo was only 2.75KG when he was delivered. I didn't expect her little sister would be more than 3KG. I went for antenatal check up as usual on that day, and the doc asked if he can check whether I am dilated or not. He said 2cm. Uh oh! Sweating, nervous, panicked, freaked out.. you name it. Mixed feelings. Haha.. Yeah.. I know I had given birth before, but hey that was eight years ago! Mesti lah takut.
But I don't have the sign yet. No water broke, no contractions. But, the night before my tummy really hurt. And I thought it was labour pain. Maybe it was labour pain, my whole tummy hurts and I remember doc said it was one of the sign. After a while it gone. So I continue sleep. Hehe.
I was admitted soon after the CTG scan. Surprised when doc told me I had frequent contraction like every 2-3 minutes. But.. but.. no pain. Lucky me the nurse said. Tak semestinya sakit, dia cakap. Ooooo..
So, there I was in labour room waiting for the right time. Minute after minute, hour after hour. Until late evening, there was no sign. It is still 2cm. Hate it when they have to check how many cm opened. :( Doc said he has to induced me tomorrow morning and expect I will deliver the baby soon after that. Uwaaa.. takut!

OK, cut it short. I was induced the next morning. The nurse had to cucuk tangan untuk masukkan air tu dua kali. Bengkak! Grr. Then around 9.40am, doc came and checked it was 3-4cm. So he broke my water. Fuh!
The funny part was, I was in pain.. yes contraction. Tapi boleh tahan lagi. I told Mr. Fruitheart, 'Your fault'.. 'Tak mau beranak dah.' He smiled. Huh! At one time, I cannot tahan already and asked for pain killer. Nah ahh ahh.. that doesn't help at all. After that, I can't hold it anymore and I think the baby is ready to come out. I had to wait for the doc to arrived, oh the pain is unbearable. Mr. Fruitheart hold the mask on my face, oh damn I don't remember what they called it. But it does ease the pain a bit. Breath in breath out. I am almost at the finish line, after five pushes the baby popped out.

It is true what they said. Once you hold and see your baby, all the pain gone. Gone with the wind. The nurse put the baby on top of me, first skin-to-skin. Oh she is so beautiful. Thank you Allah, I made it!
P/S: Thank you my beloved hubby for waiting beside me and went through the childbirth process from start to the end. I know it takes a lot of courage to be there with your wife, support her and really have patience with her. Thank you so much sayang.
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