Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Open Letter To My Boy and Girl

Dear kids,

As you know at this point of time, mama is currently working and I'm waiting for my work to end at 4.30pm. Due to the low season (yeah, it's like the movie Open Season), less work for mama to do today. So I am taking my sweet time to update my blog and I decided to write this for both of you.

Sometime ago, I have so many free and 'curi-curi' time to update my blog. That was before I got those morning sickness, lazy mood and pregnancy brain which makes me forget things easily. Yes, baby girl.. your big brother call me 'Senior Citizen' because of my forgetfulness. Even daddy call me that too sometimes. Don't laugh!

Baby girl, last night you woke me up at 1.30am for milk. That is fine because you sleep right after 'burrpp'. And then you woke me up again at 3.30am before my alarm clock which I set to 4am for me to get up for 'sahur'. I gave you your milk and changed your diaper. You were always smiling whenever I changed your diaper or I open your clothes when it's bath time. Don't tell me you liked being naked??

And I thought that is all, but I'm wrong. You decided to have a 'chat' with me one eye opened. No, I did not leave you alone. I 'chat' with you too and I did asked you to continue your sleep back. After almost an hour you started to cry and rubbed your eyes. Meaning you want to sleep. At 4.30am, daddy took over because I had to went down and eat. See how we took turn to take care of you?

My big boy, I am sorry if I was being hard on you last night when you asked for my help with your homework. I know you didn't know how to do it. If you know, you wouldn't ask me right? I am so sorry dear. And I know, you are sleepy too. I blame myself for scolding you. I am tired and had less sleep that I easily let out my frustration on you. I know I am such a terrible mother and I shouldn't do that to either of you. I know you are a good son.

You are one kid who always listen to me, although sometimes you're not. Ahh, there are other kids who are much worse than you. I was a kid myself, so I know. You just need to read books more for your own good. I know kids your age likes to play and watch TV, but shouldn't be more than 4 or 5 hours. Yes, you did that. It makes me sad when I asked you to read and study, you do other things.

I think that is all for now kids. Mama will be going home with daddy and pick both of you soon. I always pray for the best for our family and everything will go smooth and well for all of us.

I'll write soon.


P/S: I know there are grammatical error somewhere. Oh brain not working!