Friday, 31 August 2012

Happy 55th Merdeka Day Malaysia

Wishing all Malaysians, HAPPY MERDEKA DAY. 55! I'm working on this day, not so merdeka right? Eager to finish work today, because it's FRIDAY, Friday, Friday. (Sing like Rebecca Black please) Hehe..

I opened google this morning and saw this.. that is really nice!

Dedicated to Malaysia with the red bunga raya, yes our national flower.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Ice Cream

9th day of Syawal. Monday blues plus sleepy. I should've update my blog often, but you know my lame excuse.. busy.. busy.. busy. Actually right now, I am busy too. Loads of work which I know it will never end.

This happened last week when I was working at the office. Mr. Fruitheart was still on his Raya leave. He was at home with kiddo and baby girl.

As they were watching TV..

Kiddo: Daddy, Syahmie nak makan ice cream boleh?
Mr. Fruitheart: Mama tak de tak boleh makan. Tunggu mama balik nanti.

Kiddo was playing with the iPAD and...

Kiddo: Syahmie jumpe gambar mama dalam iPAD. Haa.. ni mama dah ade. Boleh la makan ice cream kan daddy?
Mr. Fruitheart: *speechless and can only smile*

P/S: Sometimes his cleverness makes us speechless and it does sounds funny.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1433H

First day of Eid. I'm wishing my readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Have a wonderful time with your family and always be careful when driving and no matter where you are.

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Thursday, 16 August 2012


Words can hurt you. Have you ever heard of "words are sharper than the sword"? In Malay, kata-kata adalah tajam daripada mata pedang. I am not sure what the proverb is in English.

The other day, I was hurt. When someone close to you said something negative and it did somehow breaks your heart, automatically you would feel down and sad. Am I right? That is how I feel. When your heart hurt really bad, you could feel the blood dripping.

I know I am not good at cooking. I tried to follow the recipe I found in the Internet. But that day, as I was fasting and a bit chaotic, I forgot few steps. What I did? I just listened and my heart cried. It hurts, totally! But how could you be so angry to your own mother? I kept quiet, and proceed. I told myself to keep calm and continue cooking.

I had also decided not to cook in future just because I was told I am a failure and I cannot cook.

But, I love to cook even I am not really good at it. As a woman, cooking is one of the things you would want to do. No matter how hard it is, there's always a recipe you can follow. It's either taste good or bad. Surely, you would be happy if the feedback is good. But, if it's not good then the person who taste it should say.. "next time you'll do much better, keep practising." Not straight away condemn.

Louis E. Boone ~ Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.

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P/S: Sometimes we don't mean to say hurtful words, but it slips from our tongue.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

They Couldn't Make Until Raya

My last post was about kuih Raya. The one I bought from mylovelytart. So sad now because they couldn't last long until hari Raya on Sunday 19th August. *cries*
The cover.. I have saved the email address, prepare for next year.

The last six.

Image from My Lovely Tart

Now, what do I have to serve my guests? Yeah la my fault for not buying two or three boxes. I didn't know that Mr. Fruitheart and kiddo loves tart. Since when?? *eye rolling*

Even my MIL also asked if she still open the order. Err.. closed already on the first week of puasa. Now I know, everyone in my family loves blueberry tart. Let's hope the pineapple tart and choc marble will make it until this coming Raya. *cross fingers*

P/S: Mr. Fruitheart dengan naughty nya cakap.. boleh orgasm makan blueberry tart. OH EMM GEE!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kuih Raya.. Oh Kuih Raya..

Ramadhan the 20th. Another nine days to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. By this time, radio stations has started playing raya songs. Dendang Perantau by P Ramlee, Menjelang Hari Raya by DJ Dave, Dari Jauh Ku Pohon Maaf by Sudirman and the list goes on.

Have you received your kuih raya for those who ordered? I received mine yesterday. Three types of modern kuih and a 'popia simpul'. Hehe. No almond london this year. This year I managed to order the famous Ayu Lovely tart, which was promoted by Redmummy. I didn't get the chance to taste it last year because she had closed the order. After she had sent me the email few weeks before puasa, I ordered it. 

Choc marble. RM28
My MIL said looks delicious. I hope it taste good too.

Blueberry tart. RM35 for 50pcs

Pineapple tart. RM26 for 50pcs

Popia simpul
Kiddo asked if he can taste all that tonight. Nah ah ah.. have to wait until first day of raya. I know he is eager to taste it. Hehe.

Here is the link to her website: mylovelytart.

And here is the link where Redmummy promoted and blogged about it. LAST CALL!Promo Puasa Raya – Ayu Tart is back!!

P/S: I'll update about the taste soon. Thanks a lot AYU.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Food Review: Ramadhan Buffet at Degress, Pan Pacific KLIA

On the 29th of July, the 9th day of Ramadhan me and my brother decided to have our iftar at Pan Pacific with our family. The buffet price for adult is RM99++ and sorry I don't remember the children's price. 

The entrance. Nothing changed. Except the deco and performer. I went here two years ago and I can say food was good. So many variety and yeah since it is buffet, eat all you can! Let the picture tell you about it.

Left: Chocolate fountain. The one I looked forward to, dipped your marshmellow or fruits that they had put in a stick. Just like 'satay'. No marshmellow this year :( Not sure if they have it on other day.

Right: This is not the Chef that prepared all the dishes. Hehe.

Top: Salad, kerabu section.
Bottom: Seafood section.

Dates (Kurma)
Yellow dates?

Oysters, clam lovers would enjoy this.

Not forgetting sushi lovers. Watch out the wasabi!
Variety of Malay traditional kuih.

Desserts! Sweet.
There is nasi beriyani, taste so good. I forgot to take the picture. And there was a big fish, salmon. Nice. You can also have spaghetti which the chef will cook for you upon request at the counter. Overall we are satisfied eating here as usual. Would love to come next year. Or every year.

The only Queen to a King, Prince and Princess that has a job 365 days a year

Where on earth can you find "The only Queen to a King, Prince and Princess that has a job 365 days a year"? What does a Queen do everyday? I am sure she didn't have to go to the office. She must have one in her palace. Attending meetings, hi-tea, being the VIP in charity events seems to me it is more 'having fun' kind of job. Hehe..

What, precisely, is the Queen's job? There is not much she can do entirely at her own whim. Technically, she could dissolve Parliament to get rid of a Prime Minister she disliked, but it would provoke an unthinkable constitutional crisis if she tried. (from Get rid of a PM she disliked? *Grin*

Let me tell you about a Queen who has a job 365 days a year. She is the mother of two kids at the moment and hope no more additional, one boy and one baby girl. She is the only wife to her husband although she knows there are still three available places which she believed would not be filled by anyone.
At home she is the alarm clock, housekeeper, maid, chef, waitress, cleaner, teacher, nurse, event planner, personal assistant, grocery shopper, therapist, referee, fashion advisor, handyman and garbage collector. Any additional job that requires her to do, she take it. Looks like the Queen is on call 24/7 huh? :D She doesn't need any PhD or doctorate Degree for doing all that.

The Queen also has a 9-6 day job in the office which she can get paid holidays, sick pay and days off but not at home. So now you know who is the only Queen that has a job 365 days a year? *wink*

P/S: A mothers job never ends and it's never done.. The difference is, a mother's job is paid with pure love. So love your mother and wife. Nothing would make her happy than being love back.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Best Gift For New Mom

I was scrolling my twitter time line after I finished my work before noon the other day. I came across Hanis Zalikha, one of the people I followed posted:
@HanisZalikha Baby season is here! So new mothers, what is the best gift for... new mothers?

We often buy gifts for the newborn baby. How about the new mom? Doesn't she need any? I bet all new mother would be very happy if they get something from their husband. It doesn't have to be something really expensive. Maybe a perfume or a body wash from Body Shop would be useful. Am I right?

So what would be the best gifts for new mom? Some tips here
10 Best Gifts For a New Mom

P/S: Does an iPad sounds good to you? Yeah!