Monday, 27 August 2012

Ice Cream

9th day of Syawal. Monday blues plus sleepy. I should've update my blog often, but you know my lame excuse.. busy.. busy.. busy. Actually right now, I am busy too. Loads of work which I know it will never end.

This happened last week when I was working at the office. Mr. Fruitheart was still on his Raya leave. He was at home with kiddo and baby girl.

As they were watching TV..

Kiddo: Daddy, Syahmie nak makan ice cream boleh?
Mr. Fruitheart: Mama tak de tak boleh makan. Tunggu mama balik nanti.

Kiddo was playing with the iPAD and...

Kiddo: Syahmie jumpe gambar mama dalam iPAD. Haa.. ni mama dah ade. Boleh la makan ice cream kan daddy?
Mr. Fruitheart: *speechless and can only smile*

P/S: Sometimes his cleverness makes us speechless and it does sounds funny.
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