Monday, 6 August 2012

The only Queen to a King, Prince and Princess that has a job 365 days a year

Where on earth can you find "The only Queen to a King, Prince and Princess that has a job 365 days a year"? What does a Queen do everyday? I am sure she didn't have to go to the office. She must have one in her palace. Attending meetings, hi-tea, being the VIP in charity events seems to me it is more 'having fun' kind of job. Hehe..

What, precisely, is the Queen's job? There is not much she can do entirely at her own whim. Technically, she could dissolve Parliament to get rid of a Prime Minister she disliked, but it would provoke an unthinkable constitutional crisis if she tried. (from Get rid of a PM she disliked? *Grin*

Let me tell you about a Queen who has a job 365 days a year. She is the mother of two kids at the moment and hope no more additional, one boy and one baby girl. She is the only wife to her husband although she knows there are still three available places which she believed would not be filled by anyone.
At home she is the alarm clock, housekeeper, maid, chef, waitress, cleaner, teacher, nurse, event planner, personal assistant, grocery shopper, therapist, referee, fashion advisor, handyman and garbage collector. Any additional job that requires her to do, she take it. Looks like the Queen is on call 24/7 huh? :D She doesn't need any PhD or doctorate Degree for doing all that.

The Queen also has a 9-6 day job in the office which she can get paid holidays, sick pay and days off but not at home. So now you know who is the only Queen that has a job 365 days a year? *wink*

P/S: A mothers job never ends and it's never done.. The difference is, a mother's job is paid with pure love. So love your mother and wife. Nothing would make her happy than being love back.
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