Tuesday, 14 August 2012

They Couldn't Make Until Raya

My last post was about kuih Raya. The one I bought from mylovelytart. So sad now because they couldn't last long until hari Raya on Sunday 19th August. *cries*
The cover.. I have saved the email address, prepare for next year.

The last six.

Image from My Lovely Tart

Now, what do I have to serve my guests? Yeah la my fault for not buying two or three boxes. I didn't know that Mr. Fruitheart and kiddo loves tart. Since when?? *eye rolling*

Even my MIL also asked if she still open the order. Err.. closed already on the first week of puasa. Now I know, everyone in my family loves blueberry tart. Let's hope the pineapple tart and choc marble will make it until this coming Raya. *cross fingers*

P/S: Mr. Fruitheart dengan naughty nya cakap.. boleh orgasm makan blueberry tart. OH EMM GEE!
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