Saturday, 22 September 2012

At 4 Months Old

Dear baby girl,

Today is Saturday 22nd of September 2012. You are 4 months old. How time flies. Both me, daddy and your big brother enjoy our moment watching you grow each day.
At this age, you can roll. You cry less and you don't want to sleep in the baby swing anymore. Most of the time, you want either me or daddy to stay by your side until you fall asleep. We love watching you sleep. We love how you smell, masam-masam wangi!
At this age also, you can stand with us holding you of course. When in the car, you don't very much likely to sit on your car seat. You prefer to be hold and you will look outside the window. Kaki jalan budak ni!
Your last weight was 5.8KG. I'm pretty sure, end of this month it could be 6KG. Thank God, you're well and healthy.
One thing we wanted to tell you is, you wake up when all of us are getting ready to work. Why don't you continue your sleep? We are not going to leave you all alone baby girl. They always said to the mother, wake up before your child awake. How can I wake up when your eyes are wide open at 5.30am? I don't want to wake up at 4 or 3 in the morning just to prepare breakfast for daddy and your brother. Plus, you wake up when your heart desire. At 2, 4 sometimes you had nightmare and I have to calm you down and it took one hour. Yes baby girl, my eye bags getting darker!
No matter what, I still love you and your big brother. Motherhood is sure tough and challenging, but I know I can do it!

P/S: Looking down to my tummy, it is still not flat. Cellulite still there baby girl, and I will definitely show you.
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