Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Kiddo Talks: Car and Beautiful Wife

Yesterday as usual after we fetched our kids, we had our chit chat inside the car. Kiddo started the conversation about car early morning when we sent him to school. He had asked Mr. Fruitheart to teach him how to drive when he is big enough to sit on the driver's place. Mr. Fruitheart had said, OKAY.

And the conversation about car continue in the evening. He had asked us about car brand. He said he likes the OOO car. I think so hard, what car is OOO. The only OOO I know is out of office. Then it strike me in the head, AUDI. Wow! You got taste boy.

Then we asked him, why not BMW? He didn't know what BMW looks like and lucky there was one passed by us. He was like.. whoa! nice.

So.. the conversation continue.
Me: If you want AUDI or BMW you have to study hard, get a good job and make yourself the big boss with huge salary then only you can have an AUDI or BMW.
Kiddo: But, I don't have enough money now mom. I only have two thousand in my bank.
Me: Hey, that's for your education not to buy car.
Kiddo: Then daddy buy me a car, can?
Me: So lucky la you, daddy want to buy. (I gave a stare at Mr. Fruitheart)
Kiddo: I want two door car. Me and my wife can sit inside. Cool.
Mr. Fruitheart: What about daddy and mama? Where are we going to sit? And your sister?
Kiddo: You guys get another car lah. Baby can sit with you.

And we continue again.. which I totally forgot the rest of the conversation. Only this part.
Kiddo: I want to have one car and five wives.
Me and Mr. Fruitheart: WHAT?!!

Amboi, kecik-kecik dah berangan nak isteri lima anak aku ni. Sunat pun belum!

Kiddo: No mom, I buy five cars for my wife.
Me: Why five cars?
Kiddo: Because I have a beautiful wife.
Me: Your wife sure is one lucky woman.

P/S: I am beautiful too, but why Mr. Fruitheart doesn't buy me five cars? Toy car got lah.
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