Tuesday, 4 September 2012

When Everything Is Not Right

I'm tired. Never-ending stuff.

Do you ever feel like 24 hours is just not enough? Have you ever wish that the day could be a two or three hours longer?

Yesterday was one of those days, I wish it was a dream. Or maybe I woke up to the wrong side of the bed. Plus it's Monday.

Started with baby girl who woke up at 4.30am. She went back to sleep around 6am. My babysitter went to the hospital for check up, so I had to take care of her for few hours. I had to sent kiddo to school and Mr. Fruitheart to work. At around 8.30am, she woke up. Bathed her and asked my MIL to hold her while I'm getting ready to work.

I heard her crying. As a mother, I cannot hear my kids cry. Panic attack! Apa lagi, kelam kabut mak enon betul lah I masa tu. No lipstick, no pin for my tudung. I ran down, after putting everything in the car I went to pick her up. She stopped crying after I put her in the car. Phew! And I thought that was it. Boy I was so wrong. She cried again just five minutes before I reached the babysitter's house.

She cried until her face turn blue! I almost cried myself. I put her down and fed her. She stopped. Thank God! She must be really hungry. But.. but.. she had her milk before I sent her to my MIL. :(

I stayed there until she calm herself. Glad she smile after that. And I thought my stress ends there.

At work, I had trouble with my laptop. The resolution was so damn big. I don't know what happened on Friday. I know I didn't changed anything. After changing it, I can't access my intranet page. I restarted my laptop. I think I had done that five times. After one another, network not connected. I was busy cursing my laptop while fixing everything. I feel like packing my things and go home sleep. All back to normal after half hour spent.

P/S: It breaks my heart when I hear my kids cried.
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