Friday, 5 October 2012

6.5KG at 4 Months Old

Yesterday baby girl is four month one week and five days old. We had an appointment with Dr. Lee as usual for her checkup routine. Reached KPJ around 10.30am. The nurse did the measuring before we met the Doc.

She is 6.5kg and 63cm long. Wohoo! No wonder la you so Cik Bam Bam. Mama could not hold you for longer time. Lenguh!

Very healthy baby. Drink Anmum Infacare. When it's time for the jab, Mr. Fruitheart hold her hands. I couldn't look, I will cry. I'm afraid I will pull baby girl from Doctor's hand. Cannot stand when she is crying. Plus, now she can do that 'mengada-ngada' cry. Abuuuuuu..wuuuuu..wuuuuu. How can you hear that without doing anything?

Yes, she cried. After all had finished, I hold her and hug her tightly. Tears run down her face. My poor baby. She didn't even want to look at the Doc's face. Yeah, she hates the Doc! HAHA. Same attitude like her brother when he was small.

She had a slight fever after the jab, as expected. Called my babysitter and she said, baby girl is OK now. No more fever. Temperature has gone down to 34'C. Thank God.

P/S: Now she puts everything in her mouth. The house MUST be CLEAN!
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