Monday, 29 October 2012

Bad Hair Do

Yesterday we went to Festival City, Setapak for a hair cut. Mr. Fruitheart had his hair cut done by his usual hair dresser. Not gonna say anything about that.

I was away with baby girl while kiddo had his turn. I am not satisfied with the way the hair dresser cut his hair. I did asked to trim a little bit only, he said it was already short. I am not asking to shorten it, just trim. I don't want it to look like 'abu bakar elah punya rambut' straight above the forehead like that.

Normally if a customer asked to make minor adjustment, they would do. Not this time. Maybe no one has ever complaint about the way he cut it. Make me panas hati je. Blood not yet go upstairs. Tapi muka sudah panjang.

P/S: Nak marah sapa pun tak tau.

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