Monday, 1 October 2012

Different Price and Place for Same Stuff

Since there is additional member to our family and soon we are going to have our own house, both me and Mr. Fruitheart had to spend less and cut our cost. We have to be prudent in our spending.

One part in our expenditure is groceries. We have our own budget which is RM500 a month. That include baby girl's milk powder and diapers. After observing for few months and bought her stuff in few places, we found out that the price is different. It's not 10 cents or RM1 difference, but few ringgit.

For example, her diapers. In shopping mall A the price is about RM32++. In shop B, it's RM28++ and in shop C, it's RM20++. I can save around RM10! If a year it's RM120. That's a lot man. Dah lah gaji tak naik banyak, harga barang makin naik melampau pula kan. It seems the newly announced budget 2013 is not for me. Errr..

Same goes for her milk powder. We will always try to find the lowest price. The question that was playing on my mind is, how can the price be different for the same thing?

P/S: Should I make a complaint to Tribunal Pengguna?
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