Monday, 15 October 2012

My Children's Letter To Me

We're both brother and sister. We love our mama so much that we decided to bully her in a nice way everyday. When we cry, she comes to us and hug us. She calms us down. She took care of us when we're sick and down with fever. When she is sick, she took care of us too. Because, she told us a mother have to try not to be sick. If not, she cannot take care of us. We love our mama so much that we decided when we grow up, get a nice job with 5 figure salary and save a lot of money, we would buy a house and hire a drive for her so she can be the big ma'am. The driver also need to carry all her shopping bags without being told.

We love our daddy so much too. So we decided all that we give to our mama, she will kongsi with her husband. We love you both.

Syahmie & Arissa

P/S: Somehow deep down inside my heart, I would be getting this from them. Not all maybe half of it. Look at baby girl's hand. She seems like saying, 'In your dreams mama'. LOL!
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