Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How Motherhood Has Changed Me

Motherhood. How does it changed your life? There are times it drives you crazy, makes you tired but at the same time you feel happy. Here are few ways in which motherhood had changed me. Random stuff.
1. I am able to eat more without putting into weight.
2. I browse and bought stuff for my kids rather than myself.
3. I have more photos of my kids on iPhone than my husband and me.
4. I rejected after work socialising with co-workers and rush home to get my kids.
5. I will go AWWW.. So cute! almost to everything.
6. I hardly wear high heels. Flat shoes more comfortable.
7. I hardly talk about US with my husband except about our kids.
8. I have my number one enemy - MOSQUITOES!
9. I now have more 'Likes' to kids/children fan page on facebook other than fashion.
10. I know almost every nursery rhyme and not ashed to sing in front of people. LOL!

P/S: The indescribable of motherhood. Yet, woman still be happy they're in it and enjoying each moment.
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