Monday, 8 October 2012

I Left Them

I'm sorry.

It was my first time. I had to take care of my sick mother at the hospital on Saturday. I spent the night there, sleeping on the couch. I left my babies at home. Mr. Fruitheart little bit of stressed out and at the same time he was not feeling well.

Baby girl cried out loud in the middle of the night. She was looking for me, my hubby said. Poor baby. I was not by her side when she sleeps. It was her brother who slept beside her. This morning, Mr. Fruitheart said.. cannot let baby girl sleep without mama. Hehe. I just smile.

I can sense that she 'merajuk' with me because she slept facing her daddy's side. Wah wah wah. She really good at being sulky little cutie. HEHE.
Kiddo? He always said he missed me. He even said he missed me although I wasn't even left the house! But after 10 minutes, he forgets his mother already. He likes to monkeying-around with his mother. Yes, being funny huh?

P/S: My babies are clingy. In Malay they say 'merap'.
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