Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Insurance. Enough is Enough

Insurance has long been a part of our lives. Either we get it for ourselves, our family or we have relatives and friends who are working as insurance agent. How many policy is enough? How do you choose the best insurance coverage? What are the criteria that you look for?

We already have insurances. Health, education, private. My husband had 3. I have one and my children have each one too. They also have savings account. So, is that enough? YES! Oh yes it is enough. Total we paid monthly is around RM1000. Can you imagine if (pray that this won't happen), we got retrenched or one of us don't have a job? Who is going to pay? On top of that, if I terminate my insurance because I do not work, how much will I get back? Or maybe I got half or a little. I know there is an insurance who covers you if you lose your job.

What annoyed both of us about insurance is the bank who keeps on calling and offering us insurance. Everytime they have new product, they would call us. I know that's part of your job. But, same bank calling more than 10 times in a year?? Plus, the agent already prepared with an answer.

Agent: Hi. I'm calling from Mr. Bank Bandar. We have new product. This is a joint with *** insurance company. This insurance is different from others.. bla bla bla..

When you are not interested you just answered aha, ok, yeap.

Agent: Yes, we know that you already have insurance and let me tell you there are no hidden charges to this.

Well well well.. that is what I said very well prepared answer.

So, my husband asked..
'Let's say I am admitted to the hospital. Will the agent handling this also handle all my admission until the end process? All I have to worry is about my sickness?'

Agent: Oh, I'm sorry sir. That we could not provide you.
Mr. Fruitheart: Ok, then I am not interested. I am happy with what I have now and with the agent handling me and my family's insurance.

I bet next time they would call and give an answer to the above question!

P/S: They will never stop until we agree to it and when we agree they will keep on offering new ones.
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