Wednesday, 24 October 2012

It Is Not That Easy

You love when everything is on schedule and your bed is still tidy even though you have a baby crawling on top of it. You hate it when your toddler does not listen to your call or when he does not clean up his toys back. Hate is not hate to the maximum la kan. Hate with love. Despite all those screaming, yelling, NO, YES conversation, tiredness, NO not another baby feeling, you still doing the job as a mother and wife. You still love your family with all your tiny heart.

It has never been easy in parenthood. If it's easy, I would always hear my parents said.. alah senang nak jaga Fara dulu. Baik budaknye, dengar cakap. Alahai.

Having two kids it's pretty much challenging. You have to take of yourself and your partner too. Juggling with 9-6 work, house chores and your own needs there are days you call it 'STRESS DAY-I NEED A BREAK'. Working moms and SAHM both have the same challenging work. There's no facts that saying SAHM doing much more work than working mom. Not all have maids, thank you.

I find myself becoming hard to please these days. Perfectionist freak. You know what I did? My in laws has a nanny for their daughter and there are times she helped to fold my clothes. Knowing myself very well, I would re-do it. Kedut sana sini. Of course when you fold, you tend to make a nice line and straightened kan. Nope, she didn't do it. And that tiny little things made a pain in the eye. LOL! It is very kind of her to help, I appreciate but tu lah. I tak puas hati. Mr. Fruitheart said, it's better you do it on your own then. True!

Having a every-month-tukar-perangai-baby is another thing. My baby is in the group where when babies turn to new month, she would change. During her first month, she cried a lot and hardly sleep. In addition to her bad colic. Second month, she sleeps very well and less drinking. Third month she drink a lot and less crying. And I forgot what she did last time. So last night, it has become her habit to wake up at the wee hours to play. Ugh! Just to play. The tension part, if she woke up at 3am and then decided to sleep at 5.30am. At that time lah mama have to wake up and prepare breakfast and get ready to work. So I got only 2 or 3 hours sleep every night.

Itu lah sedikit sebanyak my life ramblings during this challenging five months. It feels good to let it go here in my blog. Yes, other parents have different type of situation. Some even worse than mine.

P/S: I am very sleepy now. 2 hours off and on sleep. Pray that my body could handle it.
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