Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sick Kids

Who got to take care of their kids when they are sick? It's better if the mom to take the responsibility. Dad can do it to, but I know my kids would prefer me than their daddy.

Baby girl was unwell yesterday. Her fever come and go. Also, she had sore throat. She vomited out of a sudden in the middle of the night. Twice and a lot! We went to the hospital next morning. Have to wait for the doc nearly an hour. I hate waiting.

She doesn't look sick does she? She lose weight a bit. And crying out loud during check up time. Siap merajuk with the doctor. Got some meds, and give if necessary the doc said. Phew! Yes, my kids hate meds. Both are the same.

This was kiddo when he was four year old. He had fever too. I had to uploaded his picture just because I don't remember blogging about him when he was sick. Like that also can ah?

P/S: If mama ever get sick, will both of them take turn to take care of me?
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