Friday, 19 October 2012

The Ugly Side Effect

I'm pretty sure that I am allergic to that medicine I took. Don't remember it's name, I know it's a square box with blue and yellow colour. Cough something.

After I took it for two days last weekend, I got this itchiness on my face. And since my nails were long, so nice I scratched it here and there. See now how it makes me oh-so-annoyed-sakit-dan-gatal at myself and that stupid medicine. My face became chapped when it sore and cracked because it's too dry.

It is clear in the first picture. I am so angry at myself because I keep on scratching until yesterday only I went to see the doctor. He gave me three medicines. Have to finish it. Lucky they're not huge pills.

And it now has spread to my nose and near my eyes. In addition to the existing old granny eye bags and now this. What else could be worse than this? I thought I had sore eyes, because every morning when I woke up.. penuh taik mata. It is not. And my eyes were swollen. Both eyes. I am sad la like this.

I ordered something from Zzbeauty Line. I think it has arrived today. I hope after I consume it, something changed. Let's hope not for another allergies.

P/S: Yes Mr. Fruitheart had to say this to me la when his wife is feeling so low and depress. 'Orang dah berumur'. Yeah, I am.
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