Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tree Bookshelf.. I Want

Last weekend I watched the Korean drama 'To the Beautiful You'. I haven't watched Korean drama for quite long time. After Love You Thousand Times I stopped watching. Basically that was after delivered baby girl. No time to watch, sleep is much more needed.

So as I was watching that movie, I really admire the tree bookshelf that stood on the wall inside the actors room. So unique. Instead of the ordinary normal square bookshelf, you can have a wooden tree in your house. How cool is that? HEHE. Yes, I was planning to put that inside kiddo's room in our new house.

I am not sure if IKEA have it. If DIY, most probably and of course Mr. Fruitheart has to become the carpenter. Tock! Tock! Nail! Nail!

I can imagine it now. Aah.. how nice. Baby girl should have pink tree and kiddo should have blue. Typical! I did google it, all those tree bookshelf are sold overseas. I am still looking for if there are shops in Malaysia, KL preferred.

As simple as this.

To this.

And this is so antic!

I wonder if our soon to be contractor can build this. No harm in asking right? HEHE. If you have the money, anything also can.

P/S: Still waiting for their quotation. Waiting and waiting.
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