Thursday, 18 October 2012

When You're Married..

There are few things that you should do. It's a must have I would say.

Be honest
If you're not honest with the person who is sleeping beside you, say I do on your wedding day.. then you're not being honest with yourself either. Communication is the key word here.

Be responsible
You need to know your responsibility once you're married to each other. Once you have kids, your responsible becomes much more bigger.

Be discipline
Obey all that you're bound to do. InsyAllah, you and your family will have a good life. If you're being discipline yourself as a parents, it's not a problem for your children to follow you. After all, good education come from home. Don't fully rely on your children's teacher on how to teach them. You, their parents are a very good example.

Work together
Husband and wife should work together and help each other with house chores. Nowadays, almost every wife works to help their husband. Yes, both are tired with work. A little help from the husband without being asked and told what to do is sure will ease the burden and make it easier for the wife.

Concerned and Care
Take time to ask your partner and children how are they. What have they do that day. Take time to listen to them even for 5 minutes. A little attention shows that you care for them. Remember, no matter how busy you are family always comes first.
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