Thursday, 29 November 2012

Baby Girl's First Solid

Baby girl started her solids few days after she turned six months. I had made some apple puree when we were at my parents house on Sunday. At first she doesn't like it. She made that 'eyuu, mom what are you giving me. It's gross' kind of face. HAHA. I guess I didn't make it saucy and juicy enough for her.

I used fork to smashed it ler, no blender. And I totally forgot to bring it back home. She showed the interest the third time I put the apple puree into her mouth. Ahh, first time was hard isn't it?

So at home on the same day, for her first dinner I gave her Nestle cereals. I wanted to see if she likes it. It turned out, YES daddy feed me please.

Now look who's more excited. Daddy!

Even her big brother also opening his mouth.

Basically everyone was excited.

You know as parents, even though I have one boy aged 8 going to be 9 I still get the advices and nags from people around me. I had been told to put the Nestle cereals into her milk. Yes, I followed it. She will sleep better with a full tummy apparently. All babies are not the same, and given her colic phase during her first-two months, I am totally seriously afraid to give her solid. What if she had tummy ache? What if she had trouble poop? What if this, that. I do not want to go to the month where both of us hardly sleep.

OK. Luckily, it was NOT that bad. Yesterday she had the difficulties during poop time. She cried and because she cannot pushed her poop out! Apa lagi, berak keras la tu. Sembelit.

That was normal for first time. Her babysitter told me after the first round, she pooped again. It was smooth the second time. HEHE. Phew! The problem is she doesn't want to drink plain water. She rejected it. She will hold it in her mouth and then let it out after I pulled out her bottle. Clever huh?

I didn't make the preparation for her, I mean the bip. That is why she doesn't has her clothes on. Mama will buy this weekend OK?

So that was her first time trying solid food.

P/S: I don't remember my eldest first solid food at all.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Family Vacation 2012 - Legoland Day 2

Here we are on our second day in Johor Bahru. The day where we will be enjoying our trip to Legoland. Yippie! The weather looks good early morning.

Started off with breakfast at the hotel's café. Food was a OK. Too many people. Baby girl kept on looking at our food when we eat. You will get to eat soon baby.
At 10am we left the hotel. We drove to Nusajaya. There was actually a feeder bus if we want to ride. Used Google map on Mr. Fruitheart's Samsung. We got lost OK! Legoland not yet in the map is it? There was no signboard too. It was on the board when we were about 1KM to reach the place. Duhh!
We arrived there at 10.30am. There is a mall near Legoland. If I'm not mistaken, Medini. Saw Oldtown White Coffee and Burger King too.
We parked our car at the parking bay and had to walk 5 minutes to the entrance. Saw a long queue at the counter. Although it is still early, there were already lots of people inside. Kids running here and there.
First stop was the Lego shop. Kiddo was so excited and we told him we will buy something when we are going to leave the place. So we went to the Junior Driving School section. It is for children 3-5 years old. There's also Driving School for kids age 6 and above but the queue was long! Kiddo wanted to ride the boat which is in the Boating School, but oh dear. Five rows?? HAHA. Mama doesn't have the patience that long honey.

I have a feeling everywhere is the same. So I told him let's try the train instead, the Legoland Express. At least we got to see some part of the place. Yes, it was really a hot day. Terbakar kulit I tau. Bahang panas.
Baby girl was in a good mood. She started crying for milk after we left the train station. So I told them to continue without me. They went to the roller coaster ride. Kiddo doesn't like it. HAHA.

Kiddo: Daaadddyyyyy.. Syahmie takut. Tak nak naik. Sakit hati Syahmie. (It's actually his heart beating fast, LOL!)
Next we went to The Dragon, Dragon's Apprentice, Lost Kingdom and Pharaoh's Revenge. I can say that I am tired and sweating. Took some pictures of the lego building model. There were KLCC, KLIA, Angkor Wat and even Great Wall of China with the palace.


Both me and Mr. Fruitheart tried the water roller coaster at Dino Island. Ouh I don't like the ride. It makes me wet and I didn't bring extra attire. Boo hoo hoo. I felt a bit dizzy after the ride. Nah ahh ahh, not gonna ride any roller coaster after this. Ever! To tell you the truth, I think I left my heart there. Heart pumping fast!

Photos copyright from my bro's Instagram

We left the place at 3pm after bought kiddo a lego set. Wanted to buy fridge magnet and key-chain. It's expensive, forget it!

Next we went to AEON Tmn. Bukit Indah and had late lunch at Johnny's. Wanted to go to JPO again, but since everybody was tired maybe we will go there tomorrow before we go back to KL. Outing with a baby was pretty tiring and challenging. When they wanted to have their nap, they must get it. Or else..they will be cranky and crying which gives me headache.

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Family Vacation 2012 - Legoland Day 1

It has been quite a long time since we had our family holiday. This time we decided to spend our short holiday in Johor Bahru. Yes, Legoland. My brother and his friend joined us. We took the Pulai Springs Holiday Package which inclusive the Legoland ticket.

We left KL around 11am. Estimated to arrive at the hotel at 3pm. We stopped at Restoren Jejantas Air Keroh for lunch. Had A&W. I have to say that there were lots of flies in the restaurant. They should do something about it. I also wonder if someone have ever complained about it anyway.
We continue our journey. The weather was nice. Sunny clear blue sky. I really hope it is the same for tomorrow when we are at Legoland. As expected, we arrived at 3pm. The hotel is nice. Our room is nice too! With two bedroom, kitchen and living hall. Just like a small home. HEHE.

No durian or mangoesteen. But I did smell durian at night. Someone broke the rule!
Later at 5, we went to the pool. A must for us. Baby girl's first time in the pool and whoa she's loving it and enjoying the moment.

We had dinner at Absolute Thai in Johor Premium Outlet. We got lost. GPS and google maps were not helpful. HAHA. Food was nice. Oh I did go crazy over the sales there at JPO. 90% in Armani, cK and you can get Levi's jeans for RM139!! *scream*

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P/S: Update. OK about the 90% sale in Armani, it is sure tempting. but, would you buy a jacket that is RM7,999 even though it says 90% sale? :O

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Anak Teruna Yang Sakit Hatinya

Entri dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Kalau I buat dalam English, tak kelakar nanti jadinye. Nak buat macam mana, English I tak hebat.

Sekarang ni kan tengah musim LEGO. Legoland. Shell pun ada bagi mainan lego kalau isi minyak RM40 dan ke atas, tapi kena ada kad bonuslink pulak baru sah. Macam-macam. Jadi, satu hari kiddo tersayang nampak iklan kat TV. Maka dengan seronoknya dia bertanya pada mama dia. Faham-faham je lah kan, nak lah tu. Tak cukup koleksi lego yang ada sebakul tu.

Yang si Mr. Fruitheart dah siap-siap beli 2 untuk diri sendiri. Haa, siapa kata lego untuk budak-budak. Bapak budak terjebak sama. Siap sorok dalam beg ok! Jenuh lah mama dia reka cerita sebab masa tu Mr. Fruitheart dah isi minyak.

Nak dijadikan cerita hari Ahad lepas kami keluar. Minyak kereta memang dah tinggal sikit. Dalam satu bar gitu. Lepas tu masa nak balik dah start blinking. Siapa yang seronok? KIDDO! Punya lah dia tanya bila daddy nak isi minyak, nanti boleh beli mainan lego bla bla. All the way back home dia membebel.

Tahu sangat perangai si daddy, memang sakan kena sakat lah. Kata nak isi minyak esok masa pergi kerja lah. Tak cukup duit nak isi minyak lah. Guna duit kiddo lah. Macam-macam.

Kiddo: Daddy, minyak dah blinking tu. Isi minyak tau dekat Shell. Lepas tu beli lego toys untuk Syahmie.
Mr. Fruitheart: Duit daddy dah habis. Syahmie bawak duit tak? Guna duit Syahmie lah.
Kiddo: Ala, Syahmie tak bawak duit.
Mr. Fruitheart: Tak ada duit tak boleh beli lah. Esok lah nak pergi kerja daddy isi.
Kiddo: Ala, hmm tak pe lah. (KECEWA!!)

Masa nak sampai rumah, Mr. Fruitheart drive terus ke arah Shell. Memang pergi Shell rupenye. Masa Mr. Fruitheart dalam kedai tu, agak lama lah juga.

Kiddo: Mama, daddy ni lama betul. Syahmie ni sakit hati dah mama.
Me: Haa? Nape Syahmie sakit hati?
Kiddo: Ye lah, daddy gurau.  Buat anak tunggu. Sakit hati Syahmie ni. Nak buat surprise dekat anak.
Me: (Still confused tahap gaban).
Kidddo: Hati Syahmie sakit mama. Dup dup dup.

LOL! I gelak punya kuat tak ingat ok. Rupenya kiddo nervous. Berdebar-debar gitu. Dia tak tahu nak cakap macam mana, jadi dia cakap jantung dia sakit.

P/S: BM kiddo memang teruk. English je pandai. Terima kasih Mickey Mouse.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook - For Babies, Toddler and Preschool

Baby girl is going to be six month in few days. On 22nd Nov to be exact. It is the time to introduce her to solid food. I was busy looking for recipes and books now. HEHE. I have joined two groups in facebook where other mommies share their experience and recipes for their babies and toddlers. Finally, facebook has become useful to me now.

As I was looking at all comments and pictures, I came across one post from one of the members about a cook book. You know that feeling when you are so excited to cook and bake? Yes, I have that feeling at that particular moment. The excitement, fuhyoo.. Which I wish and hope it will be there forever. HAHA.

Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook. The price is RM20 + RM7 for postage. So today I searched in google to find if any bookshop selling the book. I found the .pdf files instead. So what am I waiting for? Free printing of course. *WIDE SMILE* Save me RM27.

Maybe some of you might already know the link. OK, for those who want it, here it is:'s%20Choice%20Cbook_lr.pdf

P/S: Now let's hope I am eager to make it a success to cook and prepare.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Free Starbucks for Malaysians

OK, before you get way far too excited this FREE drinks was only from 12pm to 2pm on Tuesday 13th November 2012.

I got mine! Went to the Starbucks outlet at Aquaria KLCC, which was the nearest and amazingly no long queue. The long queue were people especially parents with kids who wanted to go into Aquaria. School holidays kan. The barista even shout out 'FREE FRAPPUCINOS', but no one rushed to the cashier. Not a fan of coffee I think, or they just too busy concentrating on the queue. LOL!

I thought we were only allowed to have one. NO, we were given two! 2 free drinks OK. So I chose both drinks as per picture. I wanted to taste the caramel + tea jelly. The other one, I gave to my friend who was not able to go out, he had to answer phone calls. HAHA. 'Redho je aku', katanya sebab I gave him red bean.

P/S: When it comes to FREE stuff, who doesn't want? Especially food and drinks. Starbucks some more. HEHE. Plus, bukan selalu Starbucks nak belanja kan.

Friday, 9 November 2012

A Piece of Chicken for RM6

Lunch at Pavilion Food court today. I usually bought 'nasi campur' from the first shop.

Melayu & Padang

And I believed I've been there last week. I chose chicken and veggie. I took out RM10. In my mind it will be around RM6.90. That's what I think. Until..

Cashier: RM11 dik.
Me: Hah?? Kenapa mahal sangat ni? Ayam tu berapa?
Cashier: Enam ringgit dik. Harga barang kan dah naik.
Me: Sejak bila naik harga ni?
Cashier: Dah sebulan.

Are you kidding me?? White rice RM2, chicken RM6, veggies RM3.

I just paid and went off. A bit upset about the sudden expensive price. I did took a glance at the price display. Yeah, it stated there RM6. But still, I am not very happy. Giler hape ayam seketul macam tu RM6?? Mahal nak mampos. Ayam potong 6, seketul jual RM6x6=RM36. Boleh beli lagi seekor ayam.

Plus, since when there is a rise on goods price? Maybe I didn't read the papers or watch news. Hurm.

Previous couple in front of me had to pay RM29 for their daughter's lunch. She took chicken, fish, squid, ikan bilis sambal and veggies. Their face? Double shocked plus not satisfied with a bit of sneered laugh. I heard them said, 'DAMN EXPENSIVE'.

P/S: McD and KFC lunch cost around RM5.95.

Day Out to Petrosains KLCC

This was two months ago. I was supposed to update it soon as I got home, but oh well.. got other important stuff to do until today I got the time. Transferred all pictures from Nikon to PC. Now only can update, that's why.

Baby girl was about 3 months old. She doesn't like much to stay inside the baby carrier. She licked the grey pocket habis basah!

Dig! Dig!

Happily putting up his fingers to be eaten by T-Rex

Future F1 driver?

Kiddo had asked us so many times to bring him to Petrosains. This time around we fulfil his wish. Yes, your wish do came through when the time is right son. I am lucky, he is patience. The only thing I can't stand  when he kept on asking and asking. Kids, they're honest and direct straight to the point. Boom! They say what they want to say. I have to remind him from time to time.

P/S: He's turning 9 year old next year. OH MY GOD! And I'll be 23 next year. HAHA. You're still in denial huh Fara? Make that 32.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Outstanding Award Ceremony

Thursday, 8th November 2012 was the first time kiddo got up on school stage to receive his awards. He got number 3 in his class and got the highest mark for Arabic Language. Let me repeat, Bahasa Arab! Mama used to learn that err 17-18 years ago and always got red colour in her report card.

Dari jauh ku hulur salam. Kah kah. First round he got up on stage for the number 3 award. A school bag inside the blue paper bag. OK, we don't have to buy new bag for kiddo next year.

I am the champion my friend. I will keep on fighting till the end. (Sing along like chicken little). Second and final round he got up for the highest score. He didn't even want to look at the camera. Mama was sitting in front of the stage kot. Huh! Dah turun stage baru nak pandang mama.

You really make mama proud son. Keep up the good result, study smart and hard. Be a better person each day and hope you achieve whatever good things you aim in future. I know you told me you want to be a doctor. But, it could change. Insyallah, semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya bagi mu, wahai anak.

P/S: My proudest moment. Rasa macam nak buat kenduri 3 hari 3 malam ni. Overrrr sangat mama!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Kain oh Kain

Those were the days. When nature calls (period + lazy + tired), and rain two days in a row, below are the damaged done. Folded and unfolded clothes.

Since I am working from home today, will be a bit rajin to finish all by 9pm. HEHE. It's a hot day today. Thank GOD! Kering baju for today. Time to pick up kiddo from school.

P/S: A busy mom.

Friday, 2 November 2012


Daily routine.

I woke up at 5 am almost everyday except weekends. Do the laundry, take down kiddo's school bag and baby girl's stuff. Usually if I have time on weekend, I would do the ironing for the whole week for 3 person which can take 3 hours to finish. If not, then I will just iron for that day only.

Shower before 6am. It takes time to wake up kiddo, so I always give him a snooze. After dress up, made breakfast. If baby girl is not awake, then I can do much faster without interruption. If she's awake I put her inside the walker. So she is entertained for few minutes. That's when she is in a good mood. Cranky means, no home breakfast. Buy outside.

7am left the house. Sent kiddo's stuff to his transit house. Dropped him first to school, he needs to be there before 7.30am. Then say goodbye to baby girl. Left her with the babysitter. Drove to LRT, wait for the train. Choo! Choo! Reached KLCC and walked to office which took 20 mins. Spent 9 hours in the office. Stressed, tons of work, enjoy blogging, you-tubing, gossipping. 5 or 5.30 left the office.

Walked back to the LRT 20 mins, wait for the train. Normally reached the LRT station at 6pm. Pick up baby girl then kiddo, because he finished at 6.30pm. Head on home. Entertained both kids. Help kiddo with his homework, ensure he gets it done. Time to folding the clothes. Sometimes, I just left it in the laundry basket. Tired. Sleep at 9 or after baby girl is asleep.

Will wake up 2 or 3 times for feeding time. Basically, I got to sleep max 5 hours. If she's not OK had a nightmare or wake up to play.. I got to sleep 3 hours max.

Same thing I do everyday. Me time? In the toilet, 5-10 mins before sleep. Check on twitter, facebook and instagram. Like here and comment there.

P/S: Pretty boring huh? Don't ask about weekend. It's when I total up what I left for 5 days and do it for two days. Busy and busy.

Mom Always Right

Second day of November. My dad's birthday today. So here goes.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYAH! may you live happily and long live until the end of time with mama.

OK, I'm not actually going to type about my dad. It's about mother. Sometimes it amazed me, how on earth mothers often seem to know the outcome of event. I am a mother myself, I don't have superpower. maybe it has something to do with 'maternal instinct'? :D

This actually happened to a friend of mine. It was five years ago, now he's happily married to one wife and have a daughter. He was not married when he told me this and he was staying with his mother.

His mother was watching TV and she had put her cup of tea beside her. She was sitting on the floor while doing some knitting. The son, which is my friend came walk towards her without noticing the cup on the floor. He stumbled on it. The mother said, 'Where did you put your eyes? Can't you see the cup?' Clean it up!

So he did.

This happened to him also long after the first one. He was lying on the floor watching TV. His mother came and she didn't see the glass of water near the coffee table and, yeah she stumbled on it. You know what the mother said?

'Why did you put the glass here? How people are going to see it? Cannot put somewhere higher? Go clean it up!

No matter what, mother always right. DO NOT ARGUE. Just nod and say yes. HEHE.

Yes Garfield, MOM never wrong.
P/S: Just for laugh.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

You Post, You Pay The Price

During our 'in the dark hour' last night, I had time for Instagram. As I was scrolling, I came across one person's picture. Picture of a sleeping child. Hundreds of likes, as usual. However, the comments caught my attention.

It was not the owner's comment, but it was the husband. He's angry, every word in CAPS LOCK!!!! I couldn't read what others had commented, it might have been removed. He sent a warning to those who give pervert comments, they might be report as spam or blocked. Aha! Now you know what kind of picture it is right? It is not nude, ehem. I bet the owner would not publish such thing.

OK, here's my opinion. What you post, what you say or publish on the Internet, it WILL become everyone ATTENTION. Everyone is busybody. Especially if you're someone famous, people would love to know every single detail what you do in your life. Or.. if you want to be famous faster, you can post and publish something that could stir havoc like those two bloggers about their sex life. Publisiti murahan.

Walaupun yang komen tu kata, 'post macam ni memang mengundang kata-kata', 'kesian, esok besar malu anak ni', 'cute, adorable, pretty'.. and the list goes on. THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE VIEWING IT. Those who did not comment maybe will tell their friends and they started looking and talking too.

No use of getting angry at those immature comments. You should think before you publish, or should not do that in the first place. Don't you read the newspaper? Don't you read about missing child? Aren't you afraid. I am not saying you can't tell anything, just a little bit only. For the safety of your family. It's better if the picture removed from the time line. People will still talk, but the picture will not be there. Unless, if there is crazy stalker following you who might have captured it and safe as his or her wallpaper. Scary!

I remember this post on July 2011: Wardina: Careful of What You Published

Once a while I will do spring cleaning of my pictures. I may have published pictures that later I find could cause something. It's good if you can start doing that too. We have to be very extra vigilant and careful. Especially things that related to our love one.

P/S: This is also a reminder to myself.

The Dark Hour

While we were sleeping last night, suddenly blackout. You know what time? 2AM! What the fish in the pond betul la. In the dark, baby girl started moving and I know she's up. And that means, no sleep for mama.

Kiddo came to our room after half hour he woke up and found it was really dark, no aircond, fan or lights. He came rushing to our room, and I thought there was a robbery. Of course, the alarm had switched off because no electricity kan? Negative thinking there Fara.

Blackout was until around 4.15am. I have another one hour to sleep. Mr. Fruitheart said we can go to work at 8.30am. Yay! Sleep covered until 6.30am. HAHA. And no morning school for kiddo.

P/S: This happened twice since I lived in my in laws house. I mean during sleep time. Rat bite the electric cable?

November 2012

Here we are. Entering new month, new day. Another two months to end 2012. I can't wait for our family holiday trip to Legoland in three weeks time. Weee!

So far have you completed your 2012 resolution? Have not? Will carry it forward to 2013? HAHA. Ok, hope everyone will have a wonderful month and stay safe wherever you are.

P/S: Mother nature please be kind and let us enjoy our family time.