Friday, 9 November 2012

A Piece of Chicken for RM6

Lunch at Pavilion Food court today. I usually bought 'nasi campur' from the first shop.

Melayu & Padang

And I believed I've been there last week. I chose chicken and veggie. I took out RM10. In my mind it will be around RM6.90. That's what I think. Until..

Cashier: RM11 dik.
Me: Hah?? Kenapa mahal sangat ni? Ayam tu berapa?
Cashier: Enam ringgit dik. Harga barang kan dah naik.
Me: Sejak bila naik harga ni?
Cashier: Dah sebulan.

Are you kidding me?? White rice RM2, chicken RM6, veggies RM3.

I just paid and went off. A bit upset about the sudden expensive price. I did took a glance at the price display. Yeah, it stated there RM6. But still, I am not very happy. Giler hape ayam seketul macam tu RM6?? Mahal nak mampos. Ayam potong 6, seketul jual RM6x6=RM36. Boleh beli lagi seekor ayam.

Plus, since when there is a rise on goods price? Maybe I didn't read the papers or watch news. Hurm.

Previous couple in front of me had to pay RM29 for their daughter's lunch. She took chicken, fish, squid, ikan bilis sambal and veggies. Their face? Double shocked plus not satisfied with a bit of sneered laugh. I heard them said, 'DAMN EXPENSIVE'.

P/S: McD and KFC lunch cost around RM5.95.
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