Thursday, 29 November 2012

Baby Girl's First Solid

Baby girl started her solids few days after she turned six months. I had made some apple puree when we were at my parents house on Sunday. At first she doesn't like it. She made that 'eyuu, mom what are you giving me. It's gross' kind of face. HAHA. I guess I didn't make it saucy and juicy enough for her.

I used fork to smashed it ler, no blender. And I totally forgot to bring it back home. She showed the interest the third time I put the apple puree into her mouth. Ahh, first time was hard isn't it?

So at home on the same day, for her first dinner I gave her Nestle cereals. I wanted to see if she likes it. It turned out, YES daddy feed me please.

Now look who's more excited. Daddy!

Even her big brother also opening his mouth.

Basically everyone was excited.

You know as parents, even though I have one boy aged 8 going to be 9 I still get the advices and nags from people around me. I had been told to put the Nestle cereals into her milk. Yes, I followed it. She will sleep better with a full tummy apparently. All babies are not the same, and given her colic phase during her first-two months, I am totally seriously afraid to give her solid. What if she had tummy ache? What if she had trouble poop? What if this, that. I do not want to go to the month where both of us hardly sleep.

OK. Luckily, it was NOT that bad. Yesterday she had the difficulties during poop time. She cried and because she cannot pushed her poop out! Apa lagi, berak keras la tu. Sembelit.

That was normal for first time. Her babysitter told me after the first round, she pooped again. It was smooth the second time. HEHE. Phew! The problem is she doesn't want to drink plain water. She rejected it. She will hold it in her mouth and then let it out after I pulled out her bottle. Clever huh?

I didn't make the preparation for her, I mean the bip. That is why she doesn't has her clothes on. Mama will buy this weekend OK?

So that was her first time trying solid food.

P/S: I don't remember my eldest first solid food at all.
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