Friday, 9 November 2012

Day Out to Petrosains KLCC

This was two months ago. I was supposed to update it soon as I got home, but oh well.. got other important stuff to do until today I got the time. Transferred all pictures from Nikon to PC. Now only can update, that's why.

Baby girl was about 3 months old. She doesn't like much to stay inside the baby carrier. She licked the grey pocket habis basah!

Dig! Dig!

Happily putting up his fingers to be eaten by T-Rex

Future F1 driver?

Kiddo had asked us so many times to bring him to Petrosains. This time around we fulfil his wish. Yes, your wish do came through when the time is right son. I am lucky, he is patience. The only thing I can't stand  when he kept on asking and asking. Kids, they're honest and direct straight to the point. Boom! They say what they want to say. I have to remind him from time to time.

P/S: He's turning 9 year old next year. OH MY GOD! And I'll be 23 next year. HAHA. You're still in denial huh Fara? Make that 32.

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