Friday, 23 November 2012

Family Vacation 2012 - Legoland Day 1

It has been quite a long time since we had our family holiday. This time we decided to spend our short holiday in Johor Bahru. Yes, Legoland. My brother and his friend joined us. We took the Pulai Springs Holiday Package which inclusive the Legoland ticket.

We left KL around 11am. Estimated to arrive at the hotel at 3pm. We stopped at Restoren Jejantas Air Keroh for lunch. Had A&W. I have to say that there were lots of flies in the restaurant. They should do something about it. I also wonder if someone have ever complained about it anyway.
We continue our journey. The weather was nice. Sunny clear blue sky. I really hope it is the same for tomorrow when we are at Legoland. As expected, we arrived at 3pm. The hotel is nice. Our room is nice too! With two bedroom, kitchen and living hall. Just like a small home. HEHE.

No durian or mangoesteen. But I did smell durian at night. Someone broke the rule!
Later at 5, we went to the pool. A must for us. Baby girl's first time in the pool and whoa she's loving it and enjoying the moment.

We had dinner at Absolute Thai in Johor Premium Outlet. We got lost. GPS and google maps were not helpful. HAHA. Food was nice. Oh I did go crazy over the sales there at JPO. 90% in Armani, cK and you can get Levi's jeans for RM139!! *scream*

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P/S: Update. OK about the 90% sale in Armani, it is sure tempting. but, would you buy a jacket that is RM7,999 even though it says 90% sale? :O
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