Friday, 23 November 2012

Family Vacation 2012 - Legoland Day 2

Here we are on our second day in Johor Bahru. The day where we will be enjoying our trip to Legoland. Yippie! The weather looks good early morning.

Started off with breakfast at the hotel's café. Food was a OK. Too many people. Baby girl kept on looking at our food when we eat. You will get to eat soon baby.
At 10am we left the hotel. We drove to Nusajaya. There was actually a feeder bus if we want to ride. Used Google map on Mr. Fruitheart's Samsung. We got lost OK! Legoland not yet in the map is it? There was no signboard too. It was on the board when we were about 1KM to reach the place. Duhh!
We arrived there at 10.30am. There is a mall near Legoland. If I'm not mistaken, Medini. Saw Oldtown White Coffee and Burger King too.
We parked our car at the parking bay and had to walk 5 minutes to the entrance. Saw a long queue at the counter. Although it is still early, there were already lots of people inside. Kids running here and there.
First stop was the Lego shop. Kiddo was so excited and we told him we will buy something when we are going to leave the place. So we went to the Junior Driving School section. It is for children 3-5 years old. There's also Driving School for kids age 6 and above but the queue was long! Kiddo wanted to ride the boat which is in the Boating School, but oh dear. Five rows?? HAHA. Mama doesn't have the patience that long honey.

I have a feeling everywhere is the same. So I told him let's try the train instead, the Legoland Express. At least we got to see some part of the place. Yes, it was really a hot day. Terbakar kulit I tau. Bahang panas.
Baby girl was in a good mood. She started crying for milk after we left the train station. So I told them to continue without me. They went to the roller coaster ride. Kiddo doesn't like it. HAHA.

Kiddo: Daaadddyyyyy.. Syahmie takut. Tak nak naik. Sakit hati Syahmie. (It's actually his heart beating fast, LOL!)
Next we went to The Dragon, Dragon's Apprentice, Lost Kingdom and Pharaoh's Revenge. I can say that I am tired and sweating. Took some pictures of the lego building model. There were KLCC, KLIA, Angkor Wat and even Great Wall of China with the palace.


Both me and Mr. Fruitheart tried the water roller coaster at Dino Island. Ouh I don't like the ride. It makes me wet and I didn't bring extra attire. Boo hoo hoo. I felt a bit dizzy after the ride. Nah ahh ahh, not gonna ride any roller coaster after this. Ever! To tell you the truth, I think I left my heart there. Heart pumping fast!

Photos copyright from my bro's Instagram

We left the place at 3pm after bought kiddo a lego set. Wanted to buy fridge magnet and key-chain. It's expensive, forget it!

Next we went to AEON Tmn. Bukit Indah and had late lunch at Johnny's. Wanted to go to JPO again, but since everybody was tired maybe we will go there tomorrow before we go back to KL. Outing with a baby was pretty tiring and challenging. When they wanted to have their nap, they must get it. Or else..they will be cranky and crying which gives me headache.

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