Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Free Starbucks for Malaysians

OK, before you get way far too excited this FREE drinks was only from 12pm to 2pm on Tuesday 13th November 2012.


I got mine! Went to the Starbucks outlet at Aquaria KLCC, which was the nearest and amazingly no long queue. The long queue were people especially parents with kids who wanted to go into Aquaria. School holidays kan. The barista even shout out 'FREE FRAPPUCINOS', but no one rushed to the cashier. Not a fan of coffee I think, or they just too busy concentrating on the queue. LOL!

I thought we were only allowed to have one. NO, we were given two! 2 free drinks OK. So I chose both drinks as per picture. I wanted to taste the caramel + tea jelly. The other one, I gave to my friend who was not able to go out, he had to answer phone calls. HAHA. 'Redho je aku', katanya sebab I gave him red bean.

P/S: When it comes to FREE stuff, who doesn't want? Especially food and drinks. Starbucks some more. HEHE. Plus, bukan selalu Starbucks nak belanja kan.
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