Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Dark Hour

While we were sleeping last night, suddenly blackout. You know what time? 2AM! What the fish in the pond betul la. In the dark, baby girl started moving and I know she's up. And that means, no sleep for mama.

Kiddo came to our room after half hour he woke up and found it was really dark, no aircond, fan or lights. He came rushing to our room, and I thought there was a robbery. Of course, the alarm had switched off because no electricity kan? Negative thinking there Fara.

Blackout was until around 4.15am. I have another one hour to sleep. Mr. Fruitheart said we can go to work at 8.30am. Yay! Sleep covered until 6.30am. HAHA. And no morning school for kiddo.

P/S: This happened twice since I lived in my in laws house. I mean during sleep time. Rat bite the electric cable?
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