Friday, 2 November 2012

Mom Always Right

Second day of November. My dad's birthday today. So here goes.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYAH! may you live happily and long live until the end of time with mama.

OK, I'm not actually going to type about my dad. It's about mother. Sometimes it amazed me, how on earth mothers often seem to know the outcome of event. I am a mother myself, I don't have superpower. maybe it has something to do with 'maternal instinct'? :D

This actually happened to a friend of mine. It was five years ago, now he's happily married to one wife and have a daughter. He was not married when he told me this and he was staying with his mother.

His mother was watching TV and she had put her cup of tea beside her. She was sitting on the floor while doing some knitting. The son, which is my friend came walk towards her without noticing the cup on the floor. He stumbled on it. The mother said, 'Where did you put your eyes? Can't you see the cup?' Clean it up!

So he did.

This happened to him also long after the first one. He was lying on the floor watching TV. His mother came and she didn't see the glass of water near the coffee table and, yeah she stumbled on it. You know what the mother said?

'Why did you put the glass here? How people are going to see it? Cannot put somewhere higher? Go clean it up!

No matter what, mother always right. DO NOT ARGUE. Just nod and say yes. HEHE.

Yes Garfield, MOM never wrong.
P/S: Just for laugh.
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