Friday, 16 November 2012

Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook - For Babies, Toddler and Preschool

Baby girl is going to be six month in few days. On 22nd Nov to be exact. It is the time to introduce her to solid food. I was busy looking for recipes and books now. HEHE. I have joined two groups in facebook where other mommies share their experience and recipes for their babies and toddlers. Finally, facebook has become useful to me now.

As I was looking at all comments and pictures, I came across one post from one of the members about a cook book. You know that feeling when you are so excited to cook and bake? Yes, I have that feeling at that particular moment. The excitement, fuhyoo.. Which I wish and hope it will be there forever. HAHA.

Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook. The price is RM20 + RM7 for postage. So today I searched in google to find if any bookshop selling the book. I found the .pdf files instead. So what am I waiting for? Free printing of course. *WIDE SMILE* Save me RM27.

Maybe some of you might already know the link. OK, for those who want it, here it is:'s%20Choice%20Cbook_lr.pdf

P/S: Now let's hope I am eager to make it a success to cook and prepare.
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